Rydex Mutual Funds No Load – Which Ones To Buy?

Rydex Mutual Funds

When it comes to no load Rydex mutual funds which ones are the best choices for investors? The answer will depend on the individual investor, because some funds may fit well with the strategies and the acceptable risks for an investor and other fund choices may not be the right choice. No load mutual funds do not charge a load fee, which is basically a sales commission that can be charged on the front or back end. More than 60% of the funds offered by Rydex are no load options, so it is not difficult to locate this fund type. Rydex mutual funds offer a wide range of fund types, so there are funds which are perfect for almost every possible investment need.

Mutual fund investors looking for a no load fund may want to evaluate the Rydex Basic Materials Inv Fund, symbol RYBIX. This fund features assets worth more than 130 million dollars, has holdings in the natural resources sector, and the minimum investment amount for all of the funds offered by the Rydex fund family is $2,500 so these funds are available to almost anyone. Top Rydex mutual funds with no load fees also include the Rydex Health Care Adv Fund, symbol RYHAX. This is not one of the highly diversified mutual funds, because the holdings are mainly in the health care sector, but it is considered a top fund for many investors.

Rydex is one of the mutual fund companies which has been operating for more than a decade, and is trusted by numerous investors. Some funds from this family have a load fee, but a majority is no load funds which do not include these fees. Top Rydex mutual funds with no load fee include Rydex Inverse Gov Long Bond Strategy Inv, symbol RYJUX, Rydex Energy Services Inv, symbol RYVIX, and Rydex Precious Metals Adv, symbol RYMPX. There are numerous other choices as well, and that is why Rydex offers some of the best rated mutual funds possible without any load fees or extra expenses.