Renewable Energy Stocks – Which Ones To Choose?

Renewable Energy Stocks

Doesn’t it feel like we have been putting off renewable energy development for too long to find ourselves facing a number of events of catastrophic proportions like, for example Gulf of Mexico oil spill due to fossil fuel reliance? In the recent years public attention has been drawn to renewable energy stocks to invest in companies who make their priority to develop and maintain technologies that can help convert energy of sun, wind, geothermal capacity of the earth and biomass into everyday consumption without harmful effects of global climate change associated with fossil fuels.
Investing in alternative energy stocks could be a great long term investment, unfortunately it’s unlikely to bring any significant short term profits. Knowing which green stocks to invest in will help you stay in the green market and reap financial rewards in the long run while helping fund alternative energy development.

Let’s take a look at wind renewable energy stocks. Wind energy production has been showing astonishing results and has demonstrated to produce electricity at very similar rates compared to fossil fuel based plants. Concentrating on companies who actually manufacture and install the wind turbines is the key to knowing which wind green stocks to invest in. Gamesa (GAM), Vestas (VWS) and GE Energy (GE) are considered on of the top power players of wind renewable energy stocks.

The main problem with solar technology is cost of producing solar cells that can not come even close pricewise to competition with fossil fuel provided electricity. Investing in solar energy stocks of companies who utilize standard cell making technology is very risky. There are, however, companies in the solar renewable energy field that use innovative, “out of the box” technology that is supposed to significantly drive costs down in the near future. First Solar (FSLR) and Sun Power (SPWR) solar renewable energy stocks are great choices to consider because these companies strive on reducing solar producing costs and using state of the art approaches to their products.

Biomass energy stocks are also good to consider when a green investment decision, energy companies are working on converting organic matter scraps like wood, sewage, algae and industrial wastes into energy for everyday consumption. One good investment leads to look into is Clerengen (CRGE) Company who is committed to work on converting feedstock into self-sustainable electricity.

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