Penny Stocks On The Rise List

Penny Stocks on The Rise

When it comes to penny stocks on the rise there are a number of online resources which can help you locate these stocks.

One of the best penny stocks to buy right now according to a number of experts and penny stock advisors is Li3 Energy, Inc. with a symbol of LIEG. Lithium is the main resource targeted by this company, and they are one pick that may go very far. Li3 Energy, Inc.’s central intention is the acquirement and development of lithium mining in the United States of America. With clean, renewable and environmentally friendly energy approaches and initiatives and a growing lithium demand in the global marketplace, Li3 Energy Inc. has become one of the distinguished lithium energy corporations worldwide. The company seeks to serve its fertilizer and specialty chemical clients through the low cost of iodine, lithium, potassium nitrate and other cleaner minerals that it uses. Li3 Energy Inc. has corporate offices currently in Chile and Peru, and is definitely a penny stock on the rise. Trading under the symbol, LIEG, at just $0.05 a share, Li3Energy Inc. has a share volume of 525,286 and a 52-week high of $0.56 a share.

A quick online search will help you find the top 10 penny stocks for most investors, and there are many free newsletters and websites which can help in this as well. One of the penny stocks on the rise which is looked at with interest by a number of traders is KAT Exploration, Inc. which trades on the pink sheets. This stock went for less than five cents a share within the last seven days, and is predicted to head higher. This company is exploring Newfoundland, which is very rich in ores and other desired minerals. The stability and potential for aggressive growth in the future is one of the reasons some have named this stock as one of the good penny stocks to invest in.

Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. with a symbol of ELTP, is another of the penny stocks on the rise. This stock has gone up in the last week, and may go up even more in the near future. Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s specialty lies in its creation of controlled release products. Headquartered in Pine Plains, NY, Elite Pharmaceuticals produces everything from delayed release tablets to capsules to granules to powders. One of the most notable Elite Pharameuticals Inc’s products is Lodrane 24, an allergy product. The company also markets and manufactures pain and infection medication spanning multiple therapeutic arenas. Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc. is also in the early stages of developing what it calls ELI-216, an oxycodone medication. A penny stock on the rise, Elite Pharmaceuticals trades under the symbol, ELTP at $0.08 a share with a market cap of 19.03M; providing adequate room for growth in any investor’s portfolio.

Another pick if you are a penny stock trader may be Coral Gold Resources Ltd., trading as CLHRF. Coral Gold Resources Ltd is committed to exploring for gold in northern and central Nevada. One of their primarily locations for exploring is the Cortez gold mine known as the Robertson Project. The Cortez Mine is one of the United States’ lowest cost producing gold mines. Coral Gold Resources Ltd. also is in the process of exploring areas south of the Gold Acres open pit mine called the Norma Sass project, which would be momentous for exploration and an exceptional profit for any investor holding Coral Gold Resources in their stock portfolio. A penny stock on the rise, Coral Gold Resources Ltd. currently trades at $0.25 a share, has a volume of 48,050 and has issued shares to date of 32,513,391.

These are just a few of the penny stocks on the rise, and careful research will help you find many others as well.