Oil Penny Stocks – Do They Really Exist?

Do oil penny stocks really still exist today? The answer is yes, and with a lot of research and some serious searching you can find these stocks to invest in. Unfortunately there are a lot of penny stock scams out there with oil stocks as the focus, and it can be easy to be sucked into one of these schemes if you are not careful. With some excellent research it is possible for you to find legitimate oil penny stocks that offer an investment opportunity. With the cost of oil on the market today many investors believe it is not possible to find stocks in this sector which trade for a few dollars or even less, but it can be.

Penny stock investing is often done in the hope of finding the next Coca Cola or Microsoft, an emerging company which ends up as a blue chip stock choice. Oil penny stocks can sometimes provide this opportunity, if the right stock is chosen and the circumstances and other factors are also right. In some cases a stock may give back a gain in percentages which are in the thousands, or even higher when careful consideration and research is done before choosing the energy penny stocks to invest in. Look for companies which may hold the drilling rights in areas where oil is expected, and that have solid backgrounds and financial histories.

Finding oil penny stocks is no guarantee that you have found good investment choices. While oil and other energy sources can seem like a great investment, this market is saturated and you may be better off choosing good penny stocks even if they are not in oil. If you insist on this sector then one choice is Samson Oil And Gas Limited, symbol SSN. While shares do not go for just a few pennies each, this offering is trading at slightly more than one dollar and can be a good choice for some. This is just one of the oil penny stocks that you can find if you spend time looking for them.