New Penny Stocks On The Market

New Penny Stocks

New penny stocks on the market mean new opportunities for penny stock traders, and there are always new companies offering stock to choose from. New options can be very beneficial for day trading penny stocks, because this type of trading usually only holds the stock for hours before selling. As the day goes on, a new stock may rise as more investors learn of it and buy in, and a day trader can take advantage of this fluctuation to profit.

One of the new penny stocks which some of the experts recommend is True 2 Beauty Inc., trading symbol TRTB. This company is based in California, and produces sexual enhancement products. Created and established in 2004 by Alex Hbaiu, True 2 Beauty Inc., is on the cutting edge of sensual pleasure with their stimulating supplements, LibiGrow, for men and LibiGirl, for women, which are sold at many different retailers. Intended to improve the potency of one’s love life, each is formulated to create new sensations for customers. True 2 Beauty Inc, also produces and sells an assortment of fruit flavored energy drinks known as Libishots. Trading at $0.30, True 2 Beauty has a market cap of 2.23M with a 16,000 market volume and a 52-week high of $0.70.

Another of the new and possibly undervalued penny stocks is Casey Container Corp., trading under CSEY. This company is emerging in the bottling and green space industries, and many experts believe this company has enormous potential as one of the new penny stocks on the market. Established in 2010 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Casey Container Corp. is a bottling and packaging breakthrough that blends biodegradable technology with traditional plastic production. Coupling with EcoPure, an environmentally friendly plastic perfectionist, Casey Container Corp. is one of the new penny stocks that investors will want to add to their portfolio. In an effort to reduce the buildup of debris in landfills, which has lethal and toxic consequences to our planet, and keep the environment clean and green, company’s plastic products are 100% biodegradable. Currently trading at $0.25 a share with a 7.90M market cap, Casey Container Corp. has a volume of 69,459. The company is creating a greener environment with a fresh and modern concept. Only you can determine if this is one of the good penny stocks for your portfolio or not, but for many traders this can be an excellent choice.

One of the new penny stocks which have some investors excited is Imperial Resources, Inc., symbol IPRC. Imperial Resources Inc. is an austere offspring of Imperial Oil & Gas Inc. Focusing relentlessly on building firm gas and oil asset foundations across the United States, Imperial Resources Inc. has wide ranging relationships worldwide providing them with vast opportunities for rapid returns on investments for shareholders and long term economic expansion and growth internally. Imperial Resources Inc.’s opportunities allow investors to take advantage of projects that lend themselves to high cash flows typically associated with undertakings that spotlight high risk failure rates. Trading under the symbol, IPRC, Imperial Resources Inc, at only $0.11 a share with a 13.13M market cap and volume of 85,825, Imperial Resources Inc. is one of the new penny stocks that promises minimum risk in a fluctuating market. This has been placed on the watch list for a large number of traders, because of the possible potential that the stock holds.

There are many new micro penny stocks to choose from all well, and it only takes some research to find them. Each month many new penny stocks reach the market, and some of these will make it big while others will fall flat and fail. Careful research and evaluation can help you determine the difference between the two.