NASDAQ Penny Stocks To Watch

Nasdaq Penny Stocks

The number of NASDAQ penny stocks available can be enormous, but this does not mean you can not find the stocks that should be watched among the masses. There are many trading websites which provide penny stock resources, and with some research and careful analysis you can find the hot penny stock picks on the NASDAQ exchange. One of the top NASDAQ penny stocks for some investors is Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc., with the symbol SNSS. This stock has been steadily increasing in price lately, and can be a good choice in most situations. The stock is trading at slightly more than $0.50 per share, and could be poised for an astronomical takeoff.

Another pick from more than one penny stock advisor is Pacific Ethanol Inc, trading under the symbol PEIX. This is one of the NASDAQ penny stocks that has gone up in price some. While the rise is not a large one, it could be an indication that this stock will get noticed and really start to increase in value under certain circumstances. If you are a penny stock trader another possible pick may be Quantum Fuel Systems Tech Inc., QTWW. This stock is trading for less than fifty cents a share, but it has seen significant interest lately from investors that has caused a rise in trading price.

SemCells Inc. is another good choice concerning NASDAQ penny stocks to watch. With an easy to remember symbol of STEM, this stock represents optimism concerning stem cell research. While it is still a newcomer and a relatively low value stock, any breakthrough could cause this pick to go through the roof and take investors along for the ride. There are many screeners and sites that offer penny stock quotes which can help you find and narrow down penny stock choices to keep an eye on. NASDAQ penny stocks can offer an excellent investment opportunity, if you use care and pick the right ones.