Municipal Bond Prices By CUSIP

Municipal Bond Prices

Municipal bond prices by CUSIP refers to the CUSIP identifier, which is an identifier that involves nine characters. This number is unique for each bond, stock, syndicated loan, and derivative that is registered in the USA, and also those registered in Canada. This includes bonds on the municipal bond market and those offered by the government. Municipal bond prices can be located by the CUSIP identifier, but where does this identifier come from and what does it mean? CUSIP is an acronym, and this stands for Committee of Uniform Securities Identification Procedures. New issues which are registered are automatically assigned a CUSIP, and this is possible because the database contains gaps in anticipation of new issues every year.

All Virginia municipal bonds, as well as bonds issued by other states, will be issued a CUSIP number, and each bond issued will have a unique identifying number different from any other bond. Each of the numbers in the nine digit identifier will have a specific purpose. The first six characters in this identifier will be used to identify the issuer of the bond, and these are given out in alphabetic sequence. Municipal bond prices for bonds from the same state may have different characters for each of the first six, and sometimes a seventh character will also be added, especially if it is debt issued by the government. Florida municipal bonds also follow this same process, and so do municipal bonds from the other forty eight states as well.

The best municipal bonds may be different for each investor, but knowing the CUSIP identifier of the bonds can be very helpful in getting current prices and bond information. Finding municipal bond prices can be easy once the identifier is known, because this combination of characters can be entered directly into the search area. Municipal bond interest rates can change, and investors need to stay on top of market activity and price fluctuations. Knowing the CUSIP identification of the bond can help with this.