How To Navigate In Penny Stocks Market?

Find Penny Stocks

Penny stocks can be highly entertaining and profitable for first time investors because of low initial investments. Penny stocks sell for under $5 a share and you can also find shares that sell for under $1. Find penny stocks via the web through Hot Penny Stock Finder and These sites have expert guidance on stock scams as well as forecast on those penny stocks that will increase in value. You can also subscribe to newsletters with similar information and these newsletters also provide penny stock alerts.

One of the easiest ways to navigate through the penny stocks market is to trade online. You can sign up for an account on E*Trade, TD Ameritrade or Sharebuilder, fund your account by credit card, personal check or money order. Watch the online system to find penny stocks you may be interested in and click on the buy button. Follow the stock through trade papers or the brokerage house and cross your fingers. Do be prepared to wait; playing the penny stock market is a long term commitment, but it does have both financial and entertainment rewards.

When trying to find penny stocks, you need to find a company with good trading volume, determine if they are on a good penny stock market, and have a strong business plan or are actually making money. Look for improvement trends in share prices and follow the advice on a professional newsletter, website or employ a market service. Using stock picking programs, beginning traders are starting to make money and gain experience. This is a relatively new technology and was developed to help deconstruct patterns in the stock market so traders could predict where the market is going and trade ahead of the curve. These programs use mathematical algorithms to study current and past market data and review what causes profitable trends. Picking programs identify profitable stock options and email you the information. It is then up to you to purchase the stock.

Follow the trends to find the top 10 penny stocks. Most of these trends are opinions, but they also have success stories and have been thoroughly researched. Many of these stocks are energy penny stocks and some have their roots in mining, development and actual commodities. Samson Oil & Gas is small production and oil exploration company. Right now Samson Oil stocks are at $1.30 per share but are expected to move to $2.00 a share quickly. Goldfield Corporation is at $1.00 per share and is due for a breakout; Recon Technology sells per share at $1.75, Entertainment Gaming Asia is trending “hot” and Nanosphere, Inc. is selling at $1.70. Nanosphere is a hot penny stock in the technologies market and has had some good successes. Do follow Great Wall Builders Ltd since it is a promoted stock; beware of pump and dump schemes with this stock.

Find penny stocks by navigating through the definition. Penny stocks sell for under $5; not just pennies. Analyze balance sheets and income states on every penny stock company. Ensure that revenues for last the last three years are increasing. Research the business plan and products or services for each penny stock. Some low priced stocks have great new products but a business plans that prohibits future growth. Find penny stocks by reviewing and research the industry where the underlying company operates. Make sure there is growth in that industry. Do not discount penny stocks that are in a stagnant industry, they may surprise you. Join penny stock forums, study, and research and invest.