Hot NYSE Penny Stocks List

NYSE Penny Stocks

There are a number of great NYSE penny stocks that may be perfect investment opportunities, and the fact that these stocks are listed on the New York Stock Exchange gives them much more credibility. While penny stock trading to some may mean a share price that is only a few pennies, for most investors these stocks can be priced up to five dollars and still be considered a penny stock.

One of the NYSE penny stocks considered hot right now is BankAtlantic Bancorp, Inc. (BBX). BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc is the parent to Bank Atlantic. BankAtlantic Bancorp is known as Florida’s Most Convenient Banks, offering customers seven days that they can visit a branch, as well as a call center that will provide efficient and helpful access to their business and personal checking account information. Trading as one of the NYSE penny stocks, the bank has been serving the communities of sunny and breathtaking Florida since 1952. With a market value of $54.78 million, and a stock quote of $.71, BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc. has $3,863,864 in total assets as of 2011 Q2, a 105.39 efficiency ratio and does not pay any dividends. BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc. is committed to making sure investors have a quality and remarkable stock.
NASDAQ penny stocks can be just as desirable as those on the NYSE, and both markets have a number of these choices. Founded in 1998, Acorn International Inc. (ATV) is one of the strongest existing marketing companies headquartered in China. A multifaceted conglomerate, Acorn International Inc. operates direct TV sales businesses consisting of purchased broadcasts on both local and national channels. Acorn also markets products and services through banking channels, catalogs and telemarketing services to consumers. Each of Acorn International’s services is well-known and top-notch. Consumers also can receive superior service through Acorn International’s e-commerce website. One of the NYSE penny stocks, Acorn International trades at $4.35 a share, with a market cap of $125.43M. Investors of ATV, the symbol Acorn International Inc. uses on the New York Stock Exchange, earn a -.82 % return on equity. Diversify your portfolio today with Acorn International.

NYSE penny stocks considered hot right now also include Kingsway Financial Services, Inc. (KFS) and Agria Corporation (GRO).

Kingsway Financial Services Inc. is committed to focusing non-standard automobile insurance in North American continent, operating via wholly-owned insurance subsidiaries and headquartering itself in Toronto, Ontario. Trading as KFS on the New York Stock Exchange, Kingsway Financial Services Inc. is one of the NYSE penny stocks trading at $0.75 a share with a 52-week high of $1 and does not currently offer a dividend. Kingsway Financial Services offers insurance primarily to drivers to who do not qualify for traditional auto insurance due to their age, driving record, history of vehicle payment or type of automobile. Their insurance is marketed and distributed through a network of independent agents. Kingsway Financial Services has a market cap of 39.00M with a 19.07% profit margin.

Agria Corporation is an agriculture corporation based in China with operations worldwide. Specializing in research and development production and sale of seed products, Agria Corporation is one of the NYSE penny stocks trading at $1.08 a share, with a $2.11 52-week high. Currently the Agria Corporation has a market cap of 59.65M with an EPS of -.16. Agria Corporation is also involved in the business of raising and sheep and goats. The company currently has access to approximately 28,600 acres of farmland and has a tactical joint venture with PGG Wrightson Group, which offers a range of products, services, and solutions to agricultural businesses in New Zealand and globally.

Another of the predicted penny stocks to watch on the NYSE is Sealy Corporation (ZZ). One of the NYSE penny stocks, Sealy Corporation, whose ticker is ZZ, manufactures and markets a plethora of comforting bedding products including mattresses and mattress bases. Sleep in the vast spaces of company’s specialty bedding products that gets only better over the years. Sealy Corporation’s firm stock has a market cap of 156.11M and trades at $1.59 a share. Sealy Corporation licenses it relaxing brands to a vast amount of retail store operations such as furniture stores, specialty sleep stores and department stores as well as independent wholesalers. Sealy Corporation has operations in six different countries.

Hot penny stock picks also include Capital Trust, Inc. (CT), which has more than four hundred thousand shares in circulation. Capital Trust Inc. is a debonair finance and commercial real estate management company. Capital Trust blends trusted real estate techniques with a wide ranging network of relationships that initiate, underwrite, close and control shareholder investments. One of the NYSE penny stocks, Capital Trust Inc. since 1997 has become one of the leading commercial real estate management companies. The company’s stock has a $2.34 trading quote with a 52-week high of $2.38, and a market cap of 52.08M. Capital Trust Inc. is not subjected any federal income taxes, so it enables it to distribute at least 90% of its taxable income to its shareholders. Invest in the real estate giant today.

Discover what a homebuilding company should be like with Beazer Homes USA Inc (BZH). Trading as one of the NYSE penny stocks, Beazer Homes USA Inc. is one of America’s top ten homebuilding enterprises. Located in Atlanta, they are proud of providing customers with high quality yet affordable homes, while trying to work on increasing earnings in the long run. This is what has made them a household name throughout the homebuilding community. Their stock currently trades at $1.64 (a slight dip from previous years), with a market cap of 121.62M, but many advisors see great things for this stock.

Choosing NYSE penny stocks instead of the pink sheet or OTC variety can help minimize the risks of choosing penny stocks which are scams or that are overvalued. If a stock is featured on the NYSE that means that the penny stock has been evaluated and meets all of the inclusion criteria for the exchange. This ensures that only quality stocks are chosen for investing.