High Volume Penny Stocks List

High Volume Penny Stocks

If you are looking for high volume penny stocks then this list should help. One of the stocks priced under $5 that has an extremely high trading volume is Sirius Satellite Radio Inc, symbol SIRI. This stock has a trading volume currently of 49,760,229 and a price around $2.15. This high volume is crucial to the strategies used for day trading penny stock, because frequent price fluctuations and a large trading volume mean that day traders have more opportunities to profit. Another stock that has a high trading volume is Converted Organics Inc., symbol COIN. The volume for this stock is 32,820,558 Another popular choice for investors who focus on the volume of trading that a stock has is Clearwire Corp., symbol CLWR. This stock has a volume of 14,334,332 and a current trading price of $1.55.

One of the high volume penny stocks that attract investors is Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc., symbol KERX. This company specializes in biopharmaceutical products and it has a trading volume of 13,283,789. The trading price for Keryx is $1.75, so this is no sub penny choice but a solid company with promise. Dryships Inc., symbol DRYS, has been called one of the penny stocks to watch by some experts. This stock has a trading volume of 12,288,601, and while the price is somewhat high for a penny stock at $3.17 many believe that the company is worth this price or even more. The high level of liquidity makes this stock one that will generally be easy to sell if you choose to do so.

Arna Pharmaceuticals Inc., symbol ARNA, is one of the top high volume penny stocks on the market according to many experts and investment insiders. The price of this stock is $2.14 and it has a trading volume of 7,371,533. The company is in the pharmaceutical sector and it could be a big contender in the industry in the near future. THQ Inc., symbol THQI, is one of the new penny stocks with a higher trading volume at 5,746,332 and a price that is lower than $1 at $0.67. Children oriented video games is what THQ specializes in, and the company does this very well. Some investors may shy away from this stock because it is fairly new but the performance and potential of the company make the stock attractive to many investors.

Popular Inc., symbol BPOP, is another one of the high volume penny stocks that makes many of the top stock lists. This company has a trading volume of 6,604,613 and a share price of $1.82. Sequenom Inc., symbol SQNM, trades at 6,416,712 and has a price per share of $4.66. Hercules Offshore Inc., symbol HERO, is one of the oil penny stocks that has seen an increase in trading volume and an increase in investor interest both. 3,005,761 is the trading volume for this stock and it has a share price of $4.78. These are just a few of the penny stocks that have a high volume of trading occur, and research will identify many more.