Green Energy Stocks To Watch

Green Energy Stocks

Green energy stocks are becoming extremely popular, and these choices can be an excellent investment for the future because of global energy concerns and issues with fossil fuel sources and use. One type of stock that is considered an alternative energy choice but is not considered a green energy option for some is nuclear energy stocks. This is due to some of the serious concerns that surround nuclear power plants and operations. There are many other types of green energy stocks available though, and they may involve wind, solar, biomass, thermal, and other alternative energy forms.

One of the clean energy stocks that should be watched in the coming year is the Sunpower Corp Com (SPWRB). This stock has increased steadily in price, and the company is involved with solar energy resources and equipment. SunPower Coporation was established in 1985 and since then has set world records in the solar powering industry. A vanguard in solar products ranging from panels to roof tiles, SunPower Corp scorches with its exceptionality and environmentally friendly vision. A green energy stocks corporation, SunPower Corp is unparalleled in its design technique and avant-garde in its manufacturing approach. The company has created some of the most efficient solar cells and the most matchless solar energy systems ever, setting a standard for solar power worldwide. Currently blazing on the NASDAQ at $9.12 a share, SunPower Corp has a 911.645 market cap, an 11.782 return on equity and a $61,834,000 operating income as of 2009. SunPower is on the cutting edge in converting sunlight into electricity.

Canadian Solar (CSIQ) is another of the green energy stocks that investors are watching closely because of past performance. Canadian Solar Inc. is pioneering the solar power industry with its innovative and impressive approach. Leading and paving the way in solar powered vertical amalgamation in its product line of solar products, Canadian Solar Inc. delivers unbending value to its customers. The 2001 Canadian born company trades its green energy stocks on the NASDAQ with a 52-week range between $4.26 and $17.63 and a recent trading price of $4.72. Canadian Solar operates its solar production in Asia, North America and Europe, providing incomparable quality and some of the best known solar solutions to an eco-friendly environment. A supplier to one of the fastest growing industries, Canadian Solar Inc. is creating a potent impression on the solar milieu with its technological advances and ever-expanding power solutions.

Waste Management (WV) is one of the biomass energy stocks that has performed very well, and is a predicted winner by the experts. Waste Management is the North American leader in integrated environmental solutions. With a 6.1% increase in revenue in 2010, Waste Management is unrivaled in its green energy stocks and exceedingly focused endeavor to dexterously maximize reserve value through an incredible economic impact. Operating on a residential, enterprise and small business scale, Waste Management is poised to advance the hi-tech period with recycling, developing sources of renewable energy, creating even safer management and discarding options for a cleaner atmosphere and planet. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange as WV, at a price of $30.81, Waste Management presents a recycling stampede in an investor’s portfolio making financial news whenever possible. This company has been around for some time, and shows great promise as an investment into alternative energy that is clean. Earn your green recycling with shares of Waste Management today.

Yingli Green Energy (YGE), is one stock that can help you improve your environment and your financial holdings according to some of the financial experts. Yingli Green Energy Holding is one of the world’s leading solar giants. Marketing its products under the brand Yingli Solar, the company manufactures some of the most resourceful solar cells and solar cell products; making it one of the most prevailing green energy stocks to own. A motivating force of solar assembly, circulation, conception, procedure and wholesaling headquartered in China, Yingli Green Energy Holding creations span 11 countries. The company’s brilliant, revolutionary and vigorous attention to detail has made them a first-class intercontinental mogul in block, wafer and solar production. Trading as YGE on the New York Stock Exchange with a price of $3.17 a share, Yingli Green Energy Holding has a volume of 4.39 million and a market cap of 540.47.

There are many reasons why green energy stocks are chosen by investors. These stocks are generally earth and environmentally friendly, but they are also excellent investment vehicles for many. As fossil fuels become harder to locate and recover alternative energy sources will see a higher demand. While no stock is a sure thing, choosing quality alternative energy stocks such as geothermal power stocks can help you choose investments that are perfect for your portfolio and come highly recommended. The stocks listed have a good history and a trading record which shows why these picks are some of the best possible.