Great Penny Stocks – Top 10 Winners!

Great Penny Stocks

1. Capital Trust Inc. A, symbol CT- This is one of the great penny stocks in the real estate and finance sectors, and the current price of $3.23 is considered undervalued by many investors and experts in the industry. The market cap for this stock is $69.8 million.

2. IFM Investments Limited ADR, symbol CTC – This is one of the stocks predicted to make penny stock fortunes. The current share price is $1.62 and the trading volume is over 71,000 shares on the market. A $29.6 million market cap and a 53 week yield range from 0.87 to 8.70 make this a winner for some investors.

3. Goldfield Corp., symbol GV- This company specializes in electrical facilities and infrastructure, and it has seen a good past performance. The stock currently trades at $1.17 a share and the company has a $30.8 million market cap. 0.24 to 1.26 is the 52 week range for the stock and it is a popular choice for many.

4. Cannabis Science, Inc., symbol CBIS- This is considered one of the great penny stocks for a lot of investors, and the current share price of $0.11 makes it an affordable option for any investor, The company has a market cap of $41.5 million and the trading volume is 4.4 million.

5. Liquidmetal Technologies Inc., symbol LQMT- Liquidmetal is not one of the new biotech penny stocks, this company specializes in amorphous metals and has seen some great performance recently. The stock currently trades for $0.56 per share.

6. American Liberty Petroleum, symbol OREO- American Liberty Petroleum is not a stock that you can get for pennies a share; it currently trades at $1.30 and has a trading volume of 1.4 million shares. The 52 week range for this stock is 0.95 to 1.00 and many investors believe that this company will be big in the near future.

7. Converted Organics Inc., symbol COIN- Converted Organics is one of the great penny stocks that you can actually get for $0.01 a share currently, making it a true penny stock. The company has a 3 year average growth of 26.8 and a trading volume of 32.8 million.

8. Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc., symbol ELTP- Pharmaceutical companies are just as popular as oil penny stocks, and Elite is a company that has a lot of potential. The stock currently trades at $0.14, has a trading volume of 1.4 million, and an average volume of 1,6 million. The market cap for the company is 34.2 million.

9. MusclePharm Corp., symbol MSLP- Many investors list MusclePharm as one of the great penny stocks to buy. This company specializes in nutrition products and muscle supplements, and it has a current trading price per share of just $0.02.

10. KMA Global Solutions, symbol KMAG- This is one of the good penny stocks, and the company provides electronic article surveillance equipment and products. KMA trades currently at $0.02 and it has an average volume of 43.6 million. The 52 week range is from 0.00 to 0.04.