Goldman Sachs Mutual Funds Performance Review

Goldman Sachs Mutual Funds

Goldman Sachs mutual funds are sought after by many investors, not just because of the fund performance but also because of the trust that investors have in this fund family. When you are mutual funds it is important that you invest in a fund and company that you can trust, with a reputation for honesty and excellent management. One of the top Goldman Sachs mutual funds today is the Goldman Sachs Small/Mid Cap Growth A fund, symbol GSMAX. This fund offers a five year average return of more than seven and a half percent, and the only time the fund actually lost money and had a negative return was in 2008 during the economic crisis in the USA.

Oppenheimer mutual funds are another popular option, but many of these funds can not offer the returns that some of the funds from the Goldman Sachs family does. The Goldman Sachs Technology Tollkeeper fund, symbol GITAX, offers a five year average return of almost nine percent, making this one of the best Goldman Sachs mutual funds for some. Eaton Vance mutual funds are another option for investors, and these funds may be a better choice than Goldman Sachs options for some investors but not for others.

Goldman Sachs mutual funds offer many different holdings, fund goals, and strategies used in the fund management. The performance of the funds in this family is varied, with some of the available funds performing exceptionally well and others lagging behind some. You will find energy and financial mutual funds, those in emerging markets, funds for retirement purposes, and numerous other types. The key to investing in any of the funds offered by Goldman Sachs, or any other fund family, is to spend the time thoroughly checking out each fund choice. This will help you find the fund that is the best fit for you and your circumstances.