FOREX Trading Hours Chart Review

FOREX Trading Hours

The Forex trading hours chart can be a little confusing at first, but once you understand exactly what is being shown, it quickly becomes clear that certain times are much better for trading Forex than others. This is true even though Forex is a twenty four hour a day market which covers six out of seven days each week. One of the most helpful Forex trading tips is how to use this chart, so that you can tell the times when more than one market is open. A chart showing the Forex trading hours will show how at certain times multiple markets are open, and these times are usually the best to profit from trading Forex.

Even Forex trading brokers follow the trading chart so they can trade when the markets are busiest, and there are the most trades available. The New York Forex trading hours are from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., and the London market does not close until noon New York time. This means between eight in the morning and noon is a good time to trade on both markets. Unlike trading penny stock quotes which have a very limited market time choosing Forex means you can take advantage of trading opportunities around the clock.

A Forex trading hours chart can help you determine the best possible times to do your trading on this market, so that you get the best results possible. This is true whether you plan on buying and holding certain currencies for months or you are only interested in Forex day trading and do not plan to hold any position overnight. This type of chart will show you that the European markets close at 3 a.m., but the Asian markets open at 1 a.m. This means that between one and three in the morning is ideal for investors interested in these two overlapping markets.