Find Penny Stocks: Top 10 Places Online

Find Penny Stocks

1. – This is one of the top places online to find penny stocks which may be right for your investing needs. This site offers penny stock picks and trading advice, and costs nothing to use.

2. – This website is Global Penny Stocks, and it has been recommended by a number of trading experts and publications for the penny stock tips, information, and choices that are featured.

3. – 1 Penny Stock Picks is not one of the numerous penny stock scams found, but a site which offers quality micro cap or penny stock choices which show promise for investors.

4. Yahoo! Stock Screener – The Yahoo! Stock Screener allows you to find penny stocks quickly and easily. All you have to do is set the maximum price of the screener to the one or five dollar limit, and you will get hundreds or even thousands of penny stocks to choose from.

5. – Market Watch also offers a customizable stock screener which can be used to do a penny stock search almost instantly.

6. – Morning Star offers an easy to use tool that allows you to find penny stocks for free simply by signing up as a member. There is no cost, and you will gain access to many penny stock choices.

7. – Penny Invest is an online resource that many traders find useful. You can find stock picks in the penny category, and will also receive alerts about stocks which are increasing or set to change for any reason.

8. – This online tool offered by AOL can help you find penny stocks which are perfect in meeting your investment criteria. This screener allows you to view relevant history and company information when available, as well as locating the penny stock choices.

9. MSN Money Central – MSN offers an entire web section on money, trading, and investing matters and this includes a stock finder that can identify numerous penny stock possibilities, whether you plan on day trading penny stocks or simply buying and holding.

10. – Web Pennys is one of the most frequently used online resources to find penny stocks. This website offers many penny stock choices and picks for most investors.