Energy Penny Stocks To Watch

Energy Penny Stocks

Energy penny stocks are a popular choice with investors, and right now renewable energy is one of the most frequently chosen sectors and type of energy stock chosen. Concern over fossil fuels has caused many investors to choose renewable energy penny stocks on the rise as well. As more of the world turns to this energy type the potential of these stocks could be huge. Plug Power, PLUG, is one of the top choices for energy penny stocks, and right now the share price is very reasonable at less than $0.50 each. NGLPF, which is Nevada Geothermal, is another great stock that should be watched closely because it is expected to take off by the experts and many traders.

One of the top 10 penny stocks in the energy sector for some would be Capstone Turbine, symbol CPST. This is a company which is in the wind energy sector, and good things are predicted for this top stock pick. If geothermal is more your style when it comes to looking at meeting future energy needs then US Geothermal, HTM, may be a better pick for energy penny stocks in your portfolio. Valance Technology, VLNC, is another choice which is being watched closely in the renewable energy sector. Penny stock fortunes are what every investor dreams off, and these stock choices may make this possible in your case.

Energy penny stocks in the past have really paid off nicely in some cases, and this is still possible today, if you are careful and do the research necessary before investing. A common mistake is buying these stocks because of their low price, instead of the results of research and technical analysis. You need to weed out the bad picks, so that only the good penny stocks are placed in your portfolio. When done correctly, energy penny stocks can offer you an amazing opportunity but if you do not make the effort to find only the quality stock choices you could end up with a loss instead.