Copper ETF Funds To Watch

Copper ETF

There are a number of copper ETF choices, and some of these have been picked by experts as the ones to watch. iPath Dow Jones Copper Index ETN, symbol JJC, is one of the funds that are predicted to perform very well in the future. This fund uses the Dow Jones-UBS Copper Subindex Total Return index as a target, and it has an expense ration of point seven five percent. It does not offer uranium stocks or other metals besides copper, and the fund is future based. It is considered one of the copper ETF choices which will perform well, in part because of the rise in copper prices.

PowerShares DB Base Metals, symbol DBB, is not one of the precious metals mutual funds. Instead this fund includes copper, nickel, and aluminum, and it uses the DBIQ Optimum Yield Industrial Metals Excess Return index for tracking purposes. This is considered one of the copper ETF choices to watch, because the fund includes approximately thirty five percent in copper holdings. If copper mining stocks are being sought in a fund then Global X Copper Miners ETF, symbol COPX, may be the best investment choice. This fund includes many mining company stocks, and it tracks and follows the Solactive Global Copper Miners Index.

There are other copper ETF options as well, and each expert will have specific funds in mind. The funds chosen and predicted to perform well can include copper only, or they can include other metals as well, and this can include both base and precious metals. Some silver mutual funds and precious metal fund choices may have copper holdings, and so will some base metal funds. iShares MSCI Chile Index, symbol ECH, and First Trust ISE Global Copper Index Fund, symbol CU, are two other choices that analysts and experts are watching, and there are others as well.