Cheap Penny Stocks To Buy

Cheap Penny Stocks

There are many different cheap penny stocks to buy, but you should never purchase a stock simply because the price is pennies per share. Before you decide to purchase any stock do the necessary research first and make sure you are actually choosing quality stocks that will help you succeed in your investment goals. Free penny stocks are usually not free, in exchange for receiving the stock list you will usually have to sign up and deal with a flooded inbox. A better option is to do the research and pick the stocks yourself. This method does not have to be difficult and comparing different stocks can help you make the best possible decisions. Some stock that trades for just pennies a share may be worth much more, while other stocks will be overvalued when priced at a penny a share.

One of the promising cheap penny stocks is KMA Global Solutions, symbol KMAG. This stock has a share price of only $0.02, making it very cheap and affordable. Cannabis Science, Inc., symbol CBIS, is another inexpensive penny stock choice, with a share price of $0.11. These are just two of many stocks that can be found for pennies, and one of these may just be the next Microsoft or Apple. Undervalued penny stocks can be found by using a subscription service, a stock screener, or good old fashioned research and hard work. Locating penny stocks is the easy part, researching them is the hard part because some of the companies have little or no information available for investors to review.

Cheap penny stocks should include Liquidmetal Technologies Inc., symbol LQMT, which trades for $0.56 per share. This stock may cost a little more but many analysts and investors believe that the company has enormous potential and will be a winner. When you find penny stocks that fit within your budget and your acceptable risk levels the advantage is that the low price means you can afford many more shares. Some successful traders started out with penny stocks, made a substantial amount of money, and moved on to bigger markets after some time. Many of the stocks that are priced extremely low are ignored by investors because of the low price. Investors often assume that the low price means low quality and this may not always be the case.

Another of the cheap penny stocks that are very popular with investors is Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc., symbol ELTP. This stock has a share trading price of $0.14, making it a low cost option. The company has some products in the pipeline that may really pay off in the future, and this has made investors pay attention to this penny offering. High volume penny stocks like Converted Organics Inc., symbol COIN, are the best bet because these companies have relative liquidity. If you decide to sell and the stock has a low level of liquidity you could end up stuck with the stock for an extended period until a buyer can be found.