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IRA vs 401K – Is One of The Plans Really Better Than The Other?

IRA vs 401K

There are two distinct retirement plans that can give you a return on your investment and an income for the future. One is an IRA and the other is a 401K. Both have benefits for savers, but there are also

Stretch IRA Rules

Stretch IRA

What are the stretch IRA rules that you should know about? This type of retirement plan is considered one of the best IRA accounts for many because of the benefits offered. This type of account can be handed down from

Top 10 No Fee IRA Accounts

No Fee IRA

1. OptionsXpress – OptionsXpress offers a no fee IRA, and you can choose from a traditional, Roth, or Rollover account type. There is no fee to set up an IRA account, and also no annual fee either. 2. Scottrade- Scottrade

Nondeductible IRA – When Are They Useful?

Nondeductible IRA

Is a nondeductible IRA useful, or should this be avoided at all costs? This type of retirement account does not offer tax free distributions like a Roth IRA does, or the up front tax advantages that the traditional IRA deduction

Best IRA Accounts To Rollover Your Investment

Best IRA Accounts

What are the best IRA accounts to rollover your investment funds? The answer will depend on your circumstances, financial situation, and a number of other factors. IRA plans can be found in 3 main types, and these are a Roth

Spousal IRA Rules And Contribution Limits

Spousal Ira

What is a spousal IRA, and what are the rules and contribution limits for this type of account? Normally a contribution to an IRA must come from taxable income that the account holder has, and if you have no taxable