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401K Retirement Plans And Divorce

401k Retirement Plans

401k retirement plans are a very popular option, but what happens to your plan when you are going through a divorce? These plans are governed by many different rules, 401k contribution limits, and withdrawal allowances. An early withdrawal from your

Cashing Out 401k To Buy a House – Good or Bad?

Cashing Out 401k

Cashing out 401k plans to purchase a home can be done, but is this a smart financial move or is it a very bad idea? Before you make any decisions that could have serious financial consequences you should always seek

401k Investment Advice: Dos and Don’ts

401k Investment Advice

401k investment advice can include many dos and don’ts, and this advice can help every investor maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with this type of account. One of the biggest and most important tips is to make

Self Directed 401k Rules

Self Directed 401k

Understanding all of the self directed 401k rules is extremely important if you own or are considering one of these accounts. There are certain prohibitions and restrictions in place with this type of retirement plan that other options may not

Average 401k Balance By Age Review

Average 401k Balance by Age

A 401k investment is a very smart move for most people, but what is the average 401k balance by age? This is a question many people wonder, because of the 401k contribution limits and other factors involved. Answering this question

Borrowing From 401K For Credit Card Debt – Good or Bad?

Borrowing From 401k

Many plans allow borrowing from 401k accounts, and this loan is paid back with interest. For some individuals the temptation to take advantage of this to pay off mounting credit card debts can be high, and this may be a

Third Party Administrator 401K Pros and Cons

Third Party Administrator 401k

A third party administrator 401k is a plan that uses an independent third party to administer many aspects of the plan. This method has both pros and cons, and can be used for both large and small business 401k plans

Safe Harbor 401K Definition

Safe-Harbor 401k

What is the definition of a safe harbor 401k? This is a specific type of 401k plan that is available to many employees, but there are some unique factors involved with this type that may make it a better choice.

401K Hardship Withdrawal Rules To Remember

401k Hardship Withdrawal

A 401k hardship withdrawal may seem like a solution when money is tight and you need financial assistance, but there are some rules in place that you should remember before deciding to take this money out of the account. For