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Top 10 Successful Real Estate Investing Secrets

Real Estate Investing

Successful real estate investing is not a dream but a reality for people who know top 10 secrets on how to become a landlord and live by them every day. Real estate success does not only happen to very smart

Investment Property Loans Myths and Facts

Investment Property Loans

Investment property loans can be a great way to build your real estate investment portfolio, but there are some myths and facts associated with these loans that may cause confusion for a number of investors.

Landlord Responsibilities Guide For New Real Estate Investor

Landlord Responsibilities

Landlord responsibilities can be found written in legal format and provide a guide on how to become a landlord. Suggestions on becoming a landlord can be found in book stores, researched online or given by a mortgage or accounting company.

Rental Property Taxes – What Is Deductible?

Rental Property Taxes

When real estate investing in rental properties there are tax deductions that can be taken to offset the income your rents are generating. General deductions include rental property taxes, insurance, lawn care, tax preparation fees, and losses from casualties such

7 Things You Need To Know About Land Investment

Land Investment

Undeveloped land investment is one of the riskiest speculations you can make. Most financial advisors counsel against land purchases for independent investors but if you have money you will not need anytime in the near future; go ahead and purchase

How To Find Best Foreclosed Properties In Your Area?

Foreclosed Properties

It is relatively easy to find foreclosed properties in your area by researching bank websites, online real estate listings, and county announcements, free foreclosure listings, and through your local newspaper. Foreclosed homes can be bargains from banks that often sell

Avoiding Foreclosure Tips If You Are In A Low Income Bracket

Avoiding Foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure you are probably depressed and highly stressed. Do not despair; however, there are helpful tips to avoiding foreclosure that just takes a little due diligence on your part. – The first foreclosure prevention step is

7 Reasons To Buy Commercial Property During Recession

Commercial Property

The real estate market is highly cyclical and is tied closely to the rise and fall of the economy. In a recession or when economic conditions are tight, businesses lease, sell and cut back on office space, apartment complexes lose

Landlord Lease Agreement – What Do You Need To Include In It?

Landlord Lease Agreement

What should be included in a landlord lease agreement? If you are renting out property it is critical that this agreement includes a number of items and information. Both the landlord and tenant should be clearly identified by name, address,

Landlord Insurance Policy – 10 Tips What Needs To Be Covered!

Landlord Insurance Policy

1. Flooding- Many insurance policies do not cover flooding, and an additional policy specifically for this situation must be purchased. A landlord insurance policy that does not cover flooding could leave you open to substantial losses. 2. Vandalism- The landlords