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5 REIT Mutual Funds To Own in Your Portfolio

REIT Mutual Funds

1. Vanguard REIT Index Fund Investor Shares- Symbol VGSIX- REIT mutual funds are very popular right now, and one of the top picks by experts in this area is the Vanguard REIT Index Fund Investor Shares. This is known as

Top 10 Best International Mutual Funds

Best International Mutual Funds

In the market of mutual funds a lot of investors tend to try their luck with international mutual funds vs domestic ones betting on better ROI for a stocks performing in the world arena. We compiled a list of top

Top 10 Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

1. Vanguard Emerging Market Stock Index (VEIEX) – This fund is one of the few emerging markets mutual funds which has more than sixty billion in assets and no load fees, making it an excellent choice for some investors. A

Best Foreign Bond Funds To Invest In

Foreign Bond Funds

Foreign bond funds can be an excellent choice for some investors, because these funds can offer an opportunity to invest in foreign markets and governments without the need to thoroughly research each holding individually. Bond index funds offer a diverse

Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds

Large Cap Mutual Funds

1. Schwab 1000 Index ( SNXFX) – This is one of the large cap mutual funds which offers low fees and a minimum investment amount of only one hundred dollars. Some of the top holdings for this mutual fund include

Money Market Mutual Fund Rates – Why Are They So Low?

Money Market Mutual Fund Rates

One of the biggest questions that many investors have is why are money market mutual fund rates so low right now? This is not just a current problem, the rates have been extremely low since the 2008 economic problems, and

Top 10 Mid Cap Mutual Funds

Mid Cap Mutual Funds

Mid cap mutual funds specialize on companies with market capitalization brackets between $2 billion and $10 billion; however, that is a very broad definition that is subject to change over time and even from one brokerage firm to another. A

Top 10 Small Cap Mutual Funds

Small Cap Mutual Funds

Small cap mutual funds are investor pools that specialize in stocks of companies with market capitalization of $2 billion and under. The mere definition of “small cap” is rather loose and may vary from one financial institution to another and

How to Find Best Money Market Mutual Fund Rates?

Money Market Mutual Fund Rates

Money market mutual funds are the most liquid short term investment mechanism in today’s market. The main goal of buying mutual fundsis making your cash work for you instead of just sitting in your savings account earning measly interest rates.

Top 10 Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds

Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds

Aggressive growth mutual funds by definition are usually the best rated mutual funds that make their priority to focus on high risk-high return investments to gain the most profits in the shortest period of time. Aggressive growth mutual funds are