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Top 10 Tips to Start Investing in Mutual Funds Without a Broker

Investing in Mutual Funds

Most investors use stock market brokers as a convenient way to start investing in mutual funds, however, this can be pricey since brokerage firms charge fees for every single transaction whether you buy or sell your shares. Can an average

7 Reasons Why Investing in Mutual Funds Still Worth The Risk

Investing in Mutual Funds

1. Fast Diversification – Investing in mutual funds can help with diversification efforts. Because each fund has many holdings in the portfolio choosing the right fund can help any investor increase the diversity of their holdings. Some mutual funds may

Advantages of Using Closed End Fund Screener

Closed End Fund Screener

What is a closed end fund and what advantages will a screener for this type of fund offer? This type of fund is frequently called a CEF, and it is an investment company which is publicly traded on the markets.

Investing In Mutual Funds vs Stocks vs Bonds

Investing In Mutual Funds

The risks and rewards of investing in mutual funds should be compared to those with stock investments and bond options. Each type of investment will have benefits, drawbacks, and specific factors involved that may be right for some investors but

Mutual Funds For Dummies: 10 Tricks To Learn

Mutual Funds For Dummies

1. Keep Costs Low With Discount Brokers- Mutual funds for dummies can help you understand the basics of mutual fund investing in a short time. One of the tricks to successful investing, whether it is mutual funds, stocks, or other

Mutual Funds Ratings – What To Pay Attention To?

Mutual Funds Ratings

When evaluating mutual funds ratings what should you pay attention to? These ratings provide an overview of the fund for specific factors, such as quality and risk among other factors. Not all ratings are the same, and there are different

Top 10 Hot Picks By Seasoned Mutual Fund Investors

Mutual Fund Investors

1. Fidelity Contrafund, Symbol FCNTX- Many experienced mutual fund investors choose this Fidelity offering. The large growth goal of the fund and four star Morningstar rating both make this an attractive option. 2. Vanguard Total International Stock Index, Symbol VTIAX-

Dividend Paying Mutual Funds: Vanguard vs. Fidelity

Dividend Paying Mutual Funds

Dividend paying mutual funds are very popular with investors, and this has always been the case. Which fund family offers better dividends though, Vanguard or Fidelity? Both of these mutual fund companies have an excellent reputation and have seen great

Mutual Funds Investment Advice: Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Mutual Funds Investment Advice

1. Make sure that any mutual funds investment advice you receive does not cost you an arm and a leg. One of the most common mistakes made is paying an advisor too much money to tell you where the best

Buying Mutual Funds At The End of The Year Risks

Buying Mutual Funds

Buying mutual funds can be a good investment for many, but care should be used about when these funds are purchased for tax reasons. Typically mutual funds will send out the year end distribution for the fund on December 31,