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California Muni Bonds – Are They Solid Investment Nowadays?

California Muni Bonds

The municipal bond market carries two distinct types of bonds. One is the revenue bond which is guaranteed by tax revenues and local appropriation bonds which do not have the guarantee that there is a unique revenue source. California muni

Advantages of Municipal Bonds ETF vs Regular Broker

Municipal Bonds ETF

To better understand the advantages of municipal bonds ETF or exchange traded funds vs regular broker bonds terms need to be defined. Bond ETFs consists of muni bonds or local government bonds. Local governments issue debt bonds to raise capital

Buying Municipal Bonds Pros and Cons

Buying Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are debt papers issued by local governments that include cities and counties. They are used to raise money for local projects such as streets and highways, hospitals, public housing and schools. Buying municipal bonds includes purchasing a bond

Ohio Municipal Bonds – Still An Attractive Investment?

Ohio Municipal Bonds

Ohio municipal bonds have typically been considered an attractive investment, but this may no longer be the case for some of these bonds. Investing in municipal bonds has usually been considered a safer choice than stocks and certain other investment

Texas Municipal Bonds – Are They Safe To Invest In?

Texas Municipal Bonds

Are Texas municipal bonds safe to invest in? The answer will vary, depending on the specific municipal bond chosen in this state. Municipal bond interest rates may be different from one bond to the next, and some will pay a

Municipal Bond Market Crash – Why Could It Happen?

Municipal Bond Market

Is a municipal bond market crash possible, and if so why could this happen? Municipal bonds can be found in many varieties, and these are usually viewed as safer investments than stocks and other choices. There are insured municipal bonds,

Municipal Bond Insurance – Still In Trouble?

Municipal Bond Insurance

Is municipal bond insurance still in trouble? In the last year a number of experts and analysts have predicted a high risk of municipal debt default, and the faltering economy has hit most states, counties, and cities hard financially. The

5 Best Places To Buy Municipal Bonds Online

Buy Municipal Bonds

1. Fidelity- Fidelity is one of the top five places for most investors who want to buy municipal bonds online. Fidelity has a solid reputation and name in the investment world, a name that is trusted around the world where

Best Municipal Bond Funds

Best Municipal Bond Funds

The best municipal bond funds depends on the individual investor, but there are many of these funds which will work well for a majority and that fit in with many strategies and investment goals. Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax Exempt, symbol VWITX,

Top 10 Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds

Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds

1. Austin Tex CTFS Oblig- One of the best tax exempt municipal bonds is offered by the municipality of Austin, Texas. This muni is rated AAA by Fitch, and the current yield is 4.739%. 2. Massachusetts Bay Transn Auth Rev