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Top 10 Bond Investing Strategies

Bond Investing

1. Diversification Strategy One of the essential strategies of smart bond investing is diversification to spread the risk and allow you to protect your principal investment. A properly diversified bonds portfolio

Long Term Government Bonds Risks and Benefits

Long Term Government Bonds

Long term government bonds can carry some investment risks, and these risks should be carefully considered and fully evaluated before any action is made for this type of bond. These bonds have a maturity date of a minimum of ten

Short Term Government Bonds – Are They Protected from Inflation?

Short Term Government Bonds

Are short term government bonds protected from inflation? The answer is not a simple yes or no, and the specific bond being considered will determine just how much inflation protection is offered.

TIPS Bonds Outlook in a Weak US Economy

TIPS Bonds

TIPS bonds are Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, and these bonds offer inflation protection. A weak US economy means a weak dollar, and for most economists this means the probability of inflation. Both the TIPS

I Bonds Interest Rates – How Are They Calculated?

I Bonds Interest Rates

Understanding I bonds interest rates is not always easy, but these bonds do offer interest rates which are indexed to the inflation rate and that can make them a good choice for a number of investors.

What Countries Are Good For Government Bonds Investment?

Government Bonds Investment

Which countries around the world offer good prospects for investments in government bonds? The choices available to investors are numerous and some countries may be a better investment choice than others. Some governments around the world are experiencing a debt

California Muni Bonds – Are They Solid Investment Nowadays?

California Muni Bonds

The municipal bond market carries two distinct types of bonds. One is the revenue bond which is guaranteed by tax revenues and local appropriation bonds which do not have the guarantee that there is a unique revenue source. California muni

Advantages of Municipal Bonds ETF vs Regular Broker

Municipal Bonds ETF

To better understand the advantages of municipal bonds ETF or exchange traded funds vs regular broker bonds terms need to be defined. Bond ETFs consists of muni bonds or local government bonds. Local governments issue debt bonds to raise capital

Buying Municipal Bonds Pros and Cons

Buying Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are debt papers issued by local governments that include cities and counties. They are used to raise money for local projects such as streets and highways, hospitals, public housing and schools. Buying municipal bonds includes purchasing a bond

Government Bonds Investing – 7 Mistakes To Avoid!

Government Bonds Investing

All investments walk a line between potential returns and risks. A risk is the chance you will lose some of all of your money and a return is the money you make on an investment. To gain the higher return,