Buying A House Checklist – Top 10 Things Not To Forget!

Buying A House Checklist

1. A Professional Home Inspection- Any buying a house checklist should include a professional home inspection. You want to make sure that there are no hidden defects or required repairs on the home before you make the purchase, and a professional home inspection can do this.

2. The Down Payment Amount- One of the first steps to buying a house is coming up with the down payment required, and this amount can vary significantly. Your credit score, the home price, and other factors will determine the amount needed for a down payment, and you should have the down payment before searching for a home to buy.

3 Check Your Credit Score- Your credit score is an essential number used to determine whether you can qualify for a mortgage. Check this score from all three major credit bureaus before starting the home buying process, so any errors or outdated entries can be resolved before a lender runs your credit history.

4. A WDO Inspection- A wood destroying organism inspection should be included on every buying a house checklist. This inspection may also be called a termite inspection, and it will evaluate whether there is any wood damage caused by pests and insects which favor wood materials.

5. Read The Fine Print Carefully- When buying a house on contract make sure that you read everything, even the fine print, to ensure that the contract outlines all of the agreed on conditions. Make sure any contract does not include blank spaces, where extra information could be added in later.

6. Determine If There Is Any Homeowners Association- Homeowner Associations often include numerous rules and regulations even though you own the home, these regulations can cause problems for some homeowners. In addition, these associations usually charge fees as well, which means a monthly or yearly expense.

7. Radon Testing- Any buying a house checklist should include Radon testing, because of the dangers that this invisible and odorless gas can cause.

8. Covenants, Conditions, And Restrictions- Whether you are buying a house after foreclosure, before foreclosure, or looking for a home that is sold by owner, it is important to make sure you understand any covenants, restrictions, conditions, and easements in place. These could affect your ability to enjoy your property the way that you want.

9. Mold Testing- Mold testing is included on almost every buying a house checklist, and this has become more common since toxic molds have become more widespread. Mold testing can rule out any toxic mold spores or problems which could affect the health of you and your family.

10. Pre-Qualify For A Mortgage- It is a good idea to pre-qualify for a mortgage, whether you use a mortgage assistance program or are dealing solely with a private lender. Prequalifying allows you to know the exact amount you have available, and can prevent you from finding a home you love and then failing to qualify.