Biomass Energy Stocks Review

Biomass Energy Stocks

Biomass energy stocks offer tremendous opportunities to invest in very promising renewable energy mutual funds, help our planet by reducing global warming effects, create new green jobs and drastically lessen dependency on fossil fuels that will inevitably run out in the near future.

Investing in biomass energy stocks can fund new ways of putting otherwise decaying organic masses to good use. Biomasses are considered any type of organic matter that can further be converted into oil, gasoline and jet fuel without utilizing any fossil fuel materials. Green energy stocks allow you to contribute into research and finding ways to utilize municipal waste, algae and any other decaying organic matter scraps into energy production.

When you are researching which green stocks to invest in, it’s important to remember that not all biomass energy stocks are equal. It’s essential to invest into biomass industries that only utilize technologies of processing non-food related masses on otherwise non-promising lands in order to not jeopardize world food crops. Basically, you would want to stay away from biomass energy stocks that use technologies to grow biomasses on fertile agricultural lands that could have been alternatively used to grow food crops needed to feed a growing number of starving people all over the world.

Algae biomass energy stocks are considered the most promising technologies that can result in as high as 10,000 gallons of oil produced from one acre of algae. Algae could be grown in open ponds or in bioreactors which can increase algae yields even further. Unfortunately, the problem in biomass energy stock is finding a fine balance between a great long term investment vs. a great technological potential.

Among a large variety of biomass energy stocks, we find it’s worth mentioning a few companies deeply involved in algae converting technologies. Green Star Products Inc., for example, makes its goals to develop macronutrient formulas that allow harvesting more algae per acre. Origin Oil Inc. works on technologies that involve utilizing electromagnetic fields to draw oil out of algae without destroying it.

While algae biomass technology might have a lot of great potential, it’s really hard to find profitable biomass energy stocks to invest into due to still developing and rather immature technologies that have not been tested by time.