Best Vanguard No Load Mutual Funds

Vanguard No Load Mutual Funds

Vanguard no load mutual funds come in all sizes, shapes, and types. There are a number of these funds that are highly rated by financial experts and investors alike. The Vanguard Dividend Growth Inv Fund, symbol VDIGX, is often rated as one of the best funds from this fund family. It has 4 stars from Morningstar and the expense ratio for the fund is 0.39%. This is a large blend fund that has been managed by Donald J. Kilbride since 2006, and the performance of the fund is above average for Vanguard mutual funds performance. This fund has a 13% turnover and a yield of 1.89% is offered. The fund portfolio is heavy in US stocks but there are some bonds and foreign stocks held as well. The YTD return for the fund is 6.03%.

One of the best Vanguard no load mutual funds for many investors is the Vanguard Growth Index Adm Fund, symbol VIGAX. This is a large growth mutual fund that has been managed by Gerard C. O’Reilly since 1994 and the fund has assets valued at $24.6 billion dollars. This is one of the Vanguard mutual funds that has a 4 star Morningstar rating and a good performance record. The fund expense ratio is extremely low at 0.10%, there is no load fee charged, and the yield offered is 1.11%. The minimum investment amount for this choice may seem steep for some investors at $10,000 and the fund turnover rate is reasonable at 23%. The YTD return for this fund is 13.24%.

The top Vanguard no load mutual funds includes the Vanguard Inflation-Protected Secs Inv Fund, symbol VIPSX, for many financial experts. This mutual fund is a no load choice and has more than $40 billion in assets currently. This fund is managed by Gemma Wright-Casparius who has been fund manager since 2011, and it has a low expense ratio of 0.20%. The fund invests in inflation protected bonds and it may be ideal for numerous investors who choose the fund for retirement capital. This is one of the no load mutual funds that is extremely popular with investors from all capital amounts both large and small. The yield for the fund is 3.69%. This fund is not for all investors though because it can be extremely sensitive to interest rate fluctuations.

The Vanguard LifeStrategy Cnsrv Gr Inv Fund, symbol VSCGX, is often called one of the best Vanguard no load mutual funds that this family offers. The fund offers conservative allocation and a large blend investment style. This fund is comparable to most
Fidelity no load mutual funds of the same type, and it features a YTD return of 4.74%. The expense ratio of this specific fund is very low at 0.15% and it has been rated at 3 stars by Morningstar. This fund yields 2.31% and requires a minimum initial investment of at least $3,000. The turnover rate may be high for some investors at 46% but acceptable to others. The fund has assets valued at almost $7 billion and a historical performance that is strong.