Best Uranium Stocks To Buy

Uranium Stocks

Uranium stocks have seen a drop lately, in large part because of the natural disaster in Japan, but these stocks can still be a terrific investment choice in spite of this. There are a number of top quality stocks in this area which are perfect for almost any investor. The Cameco stock price, NYSE ticker CCJ, dipped some but the company is still a solid choice and one of the leader’s in this sector. There are some other uranium stocks which are also considered some of the best to buy and own, and the price of this material is expected to go back up in the near future.

The best uranium mining stocks includes Dennison Mines, AMEX ticker DNN, because of the rally that this stock experienced. When it comes to uranium stocks this is one of the most popular. While market fluctuations may be caused by events in Japan and elsewhere around the world, just like high yield energy stocks, the business and reputation behind this stock is solid, and so is the past performance of the stock. The nuclear plant in Japan which experienced difficulties is just one of many around the world, and the demand for uranium is still high.

Another one of the best uranium stocks to buy is Uranium Resources, NASDAQ ticker URRE, and many investors see the promise that this and other stocks involving uranium offer. Uranium Resources is one of the uranium mining companies which currently has little to no production due to cash conservation, but the company owns many acres that contain uranium in large amounts. With the large number of new nuclear plants being constructed over the next decade these stocks are a top choice for most investors, and they are normally held for the long term. Small market fluctuations may cause a price drop, but it is very likely that the price will rebound and gain in the near future.