Best Lithium Stocks To Buy

Lithium Stocks To Buy

The best lithium stocks to buy can include a number of well known names, and companies that have a proven history of success. This metal is used in many different manufacturing processes including batteries, and there are lithium mining stocks which involve companies that mine for the metal.

One of the top recommended picks in this sector is FMC Corporation Common Stock, NYSE ticker FMC. There are a number of reasons why this is listed as one of the best lithium stocks to buy, including past performance and the size and history of the company. FMC Corporation serves agricultural, consumer and industrial markets with solutions, applications and products within its impressive chemical organization. FMC Corporate stock supports three distinct business segments: agricultural products, specialty chemicals and industrial chemicals and is also a leader in packaging modernization. FMC Corporate stock trades at a notable range of $67 to $70 daily, arming itself as one of the most lucrative lithium stocks to buy. Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, FMC Corporation’s segments capitalize on growing the variety of industries it supports by enhancing texture, structure and stability. With 71.66M in shares, FMC Corporation stock is the stock to watch for vigorous expansion, stable risk and a whirlwind of financial liquidity in the global marketplace. This is just one of the top choices when it comes to this type of stock.

Western Lithium stock is another contender for the best choice, and this company is based in the USA and is currently in the process of recovering lithium from Nevada. It is estimated that this area has eleven million tons, which makes this one of the best lithium stocks to buy for many investors. The high industrial demand for this metal means that the price will likely go up in the future, and Western Lithium is in the perfect position to benefit when this happens. Unlike uranium stocks the recent natural disasters and nuclear plant disaster has not affected lithium. Western Lithium is one of the largest corporations in the world that has lithium deposits, making it a sound and lucrative asset for investors looking to have an idyllic lithium carbonate stock in their portfolio. Headquartered in Nevada, Western Lithium stock is one of the pivotal lithium stocks to buy. A spin off of Concordia Resource Corp., formerly Western Uranium Corporation, in 2008, Western Lithium stock is aimed at metal investing enthusiasts, industrial mineral mining industrialists and a well developed local infrastructure financiers. Trading on both in Canada and the United States, Western Lithium stock is offered at a share price of $.495 a share, with a 52-week high of $1.64. There are 100.6 million shares outstanding of Western Lithium available for purchase as of June 2011. Find your inner ion with Western Lithium.

There are many other lithium stocks to buy out there that can be an excellent investment as well. This metal is used in hybrid cars and many new technologies, and can be considered a type of alternative energy investing by some. Some of these stocks are not traded on the main exchanges like the stocks listed here though, and extra caution should be used with any over the counter stocks. Always make sure to research any stock possibility before you make an investment to avoid any mistakes or devastating losses later on. This will help you choose the right stocks and maximize your profits at the same time.