Best Invesco Mutual Funds To Include In Your Portfolio

Invesco Mutual Funds

Invesco mutual funds are considered a solid investment choice by many investors, but which of these funds are the best and should be included in your portfolio? A number of mutual funds in this family have an exceptional five year performance record, and these can include small and large cap mutual funds as well as many other types. One of the best in the small cap category is the Invesco US Small Cap Value Y, symbol MPSCX. Invesco Financial Services Fund, symbol IFSAX, is one of the best Invesco mutual funds if you want to include a financial fund in your portfolio for diversity.

Invesco Gold And Precious Metals Investor Fund, symbol FGLDX, has seen an incredible increase of more than forty percent, and the price of gold and precious metals do not show any sign of dropping in the near future. There are Goldman Sachs mutual funds which invest in these commodities as well, and so do many other fund families, but Invesco is one of the top options for investors. Invesco mutual funds have been trusted by investors since the beginning, and the company manages assets worth more than six hundred billion dollars, making it one of the top choices around the world. Most of the funds offered by this family are not no load mutual funds, but that does not necessarily make they are a bad choice.

If you want Invesco mutual funds that are more diverse, then Invesco Multi Sector A, symbol IAMSX, may be the right choice for your portfolio. This fund does not belong to any one specific type, such as financial mutual funds or energy fund choices. Instead it includes holdings from a number of sectors, making it more diversivied than most funds right from the very start. The fund has numerous sectors in the portfolio, and these include health care, technology, energy, leisure, and financial services. There are other funds from Invesco that may also be ideal for investors as well.