Best Foreign Bond Funds To Invest In

Foreign Bond Funds

Foreign bond funds can be an excellent choice for some investors, because these funds can offer an opportunity to invest in foreign markets and governments without the need to thoroughly research each holding individually. Bond index funds offer a diverse mix of funds in a portfolio that attempts to simulate a specific market index. One top choice of foreign bond funds for some investors includes ING Global Bond I, ticker symbol IGBIX. This fund holds more than half a billion dollars in assets, and has a yield which is above five and a half percent. With these numbers it is easy to see why many investors choose this fund as one of the best.

If you want holdings in Australian government bonds then a good fund choice could be Delaware Pooled Global Fixed Income, ticker symbol DPGIX. This is one of the foreign bond funds which has a percentage of the fund portfolio in bonds from the Australian Commonwealth. A yield of almost four and a half percent is attractive, but the one million dollar minimum investment make this fund ideal only for those with a lot to invest. Dreyfus International Bond A, ticker symbol DIBAX, is a fund that has significant holdings in Japan and German government bonds, and while there is a load fee the minimum investment needed is only one thousand dollars.

In many cases foreign bond funds can offer a better return for investors than other fund options. It is possible to find these funds with a wide range of holdings, and there are funds ideal for even the most conservative or aggressive investor. UK, Switzerland, and Canadian government bonds can be found among fund holdings, and can provide a better investment opportunity for some investors who are concerned about risk. Foreign bond funds may not be right for everyone, but for some these funds can be the best choice possible for the market capital invested.