Best Corporate Bonds To Buy

Best Corporate Bonds

Finding the best corporate bonds to buy may seem like a daunting task but it does not have to be. There are many quality bonds in this category to choose from no matter what your investing goals may be. One company that investors are interested in is Gilead Sciences, symbol GILD. This biotech company is a leader when it comes to making HIV drugs and it offers the prospect for significant growth. Most pharmaceutical companies that are well established have a price that reflects this fact but Gilead still has plenty of room to grow, a price that many investors consider reasonable, and this bond offers less risk than many high yield corporate bonds.

One of the best corporate bonds for investors for many advisers is Transocean, with a symbol of RIG. This company has taken some bad press over the last few years because of the Gulf oil spill but the bonds issued are still considered a good choice. The press received did not greatly affect the financial situation of the company or their ability to pay the bond debt as it comes due. Morningstar gives Transocean a four star rating and the company is backed by assets worth around 16.9 billion dollars. The yield for this bond is higher than what is offered by some of the best municipal bonds and the company has recovered from the bad publicity nicely. This makes it a winner for many investors looking for these bonds.

For any investors the best corporate bonds are the few that are rated AAA but these bonds may be hard to purchase because there are not many. This has left a number of investors choosing lower rated bonds instead. International Lease Finance Corp, symbol AIG, is one option for investors who are looking to buy corporate bonds. International released new bonds in March 2012, and the company has a credit rating of BBB which is still investment grade. The bonds were released so that the company could pay off debts that encumbered some of the business assets and this is likely to help improve the credit rating of the company in the future.

Some investors view Humana, symbol HUM, as one of the best corporate bonds but other investors disagree. The main problem that some investors have with bonds issued by Humana concern the uncertainty over the Affordable Health Care Act until the Supreme Court has ruled on the matter. For many investors the quality of the company and the solid financial position eliminates any concern that the company may default on the debt securities. There are many other bonds that can be found on a corporate bonds list which may provide excellent investment opportunities. This is true whether you are looking for domestic or international companies to purchase bonds for. New year is predicted to be a good year for companies and bond securities both according to the experts and this has caused a large number of investors to turn to these bonds.