Best Biotech Penny Stocks

Biotech Penny Stocks

Biotech penny stocks are some of the most highly sought investments for many investors, and there are many of these stocks on the market. Doing the research and finding out the best penny stocks to buy can help you find the best of the best where this type of stock is concerned. Because these are small market cap companies the share price can be just pennies or a few dollars, but some of these stocks are predicted by experts to really take off in the near future. One of the biotech penny stocks considered an excellent choice for 2011 is Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, traded using symbol LXRX on the NASDAQ exchange. Choosing exchange traded stocks will help minimize the risks involved, and ensure only quality stocks are chosen for your portfolio.

Biomedical stocks can be found in large numbers, but not all of these are ideal options for most investors. Some of the top picks made by the expert include penny stocks in both the biomedical and nanotechnology sectors. Antares Pharmaceuticals, trading symbol AIS on the AMEX, has received a lot of attention from experienced investors and has done well so far. Zalicus, trading symbol ZLCS on NASDAQ, is another favorite for investors in the know. Both of these biotech penny stocks are solid investment choices, and are traded on major exchanges. While the penny stock prices may fluctuate because of market and global events and factors, a solid stock pick will retain value over time instead of seeing large losses.

One of the hottest biotech penny stocks right now is Aeterna Zentaris Inc., symbol AEZS on the NASDAQ exchange. Over the last year this stock has gained over one hundred percent, and is poised for even further growth and share price increases. The three month gain for this choice is more than thirty six percent, and some advisors predict this could be the next big winner. Whether you chose nanotechnology stocks, biomedical choices, or other types in the biomedical sector, do the necessary research and you will be surprised at the number of quality penny stocks to choose from.