Awesome Penny Stocks of The Last Decade

Awesome Penny Stocks

There have been a number of awesome penny stocks over the last decade, but it is also important to remember that for every winner concerning penny stocks there are many losers. Select Comfort, symbol SCSS, is one such stock. This company saw the stock appreciate in price by more than 2,500% in a single day. This is not something that many stocks can brag about. The stock has had some ups and downs but it was definitely one of the most awesome ones to watch and invest in on the market. Gold penny stocks in general have seen some excellent performance as the precious metals market continues to rise but this market is starting to stabilize. China AgrTech, symbol CAGC, started out as a penny stock with a small price but this stock saw more than 2,000% appreciation over the course of a year in 2009.

Another of the more well known awesome penny stocks is Vanda Pharmaceuticals, symbol VNDA. This company saw incredible gains in a very short period and quickly become a top performer that offered fantastic returns to investors. Many of the innovative companies that offer biotech penny stocks have seen incredible gains, especially if a product or new medical technology succeeds and is released to the market. Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, symbol DTG, had excellent returns in the last few years and the company saw an increase in overall value. Part of the reason for the success of many of these stocks is that small cap stocks tend to do better during tough economic times.

Finding and investing in the awesome penny stocks over the last decade has been managed by investors who look for the true value of the stock. A recession and economic downturn means that most investors start selling all the penny stocks in their portfolio, and these investors usually do not discriminate but instead eliminate the good, the bad, and the ugly in anticipation of the market tanking even more. What usually happens is that many high quality penny stocks to watch are available for ridiculously low prices compared to the true value of the underlying company. Smart investors will buy these stocks when they are at bottom, and then wait for the true value of the company to be realized on the market. When this happens the price can shoot up drastically, resulting in a top performer.

The most awesome penny stocks over the last decade are those that are still valued by investors today. When these stocks are chosen for quality then they retain their value and continue to be a sound investment as the company grows and flourishes. The best penny stock picks are the ones that fit perfectly in your investment goals and acceptable risk levels, and that represent solid companies with real potential. Never be fooled by the short term performance of a stock, because there are many price manipulation scams used on unsuspecting investors. Instead look at the long term prospects of the stock to see if it fits well in your investment portfolio.