5 Best Oil Stocks To Buy Right Now

Best Oil Stocks To Buy

1. Chevron- Symbol CVX- Many investors name Chevron as one of best oil stocks to buy. This company is well known, with a proven history and track record. Chevron is one of the biggest oil companies in the USA, and is named as one of the top oil stocks for reasons that include past performance, current projects, and numerous others.

2. Devon Energy- Symbol DVN- Some investors believe that Devon Energy is one of the best oil stocks to buy right now. This company has seen terrific performance over the past year, and the focus of the business is onshore exploration in North America. This could pay off handsomely if oil futures and other factors all fall into place.

3. EcoPetrol- Symbol EC- This is not one of the new penny oil stocks, instead this an oil company that is state operated by Columbia. The stock has seen some excellent performance, but has also experienced some problems as well. Some investors may avoid this company because it is state run in a foreign country, but for many investors this is the crude oil stock to purchase right now.

4. NuVista Energy Ltd.- Symbol NVA- NuVista Energy Ltd has been named as one of the best oil stocks to buy for a number of investors and situations. This is one of the Canadian oil stocks that has had a lot of positive news and performance lately, and the company reduced debt and increased the number of wells drilled.

5. Cameron International- Symbol CAM- Many investors call Cameron International one of the best oil stocks to buy. This company is well established, and while there was some drop in price after the Gulf Oil Spill the stock has rebounded nicely. Stock market investing can be a great way to increase your capital, and this stock is highly recommended by numerous experts.