Vanguard Mutual Funds Performance By Asset Class

Vanguard Mutual Funds Performance

Vanguard mutual funds performance by asset class can vary widely. This information is very beneficial to investors so that various asset classes can be compared. Money market funds are broken down into two categories: taxable and tax exempt. The Vanguard funds performance for taxable money market funds has been steady, with 10 year annualized returns ranging from 1.80% to 1.95%. The same returns and time period for tax exempt funds in this class range from 1.45% to 1.53%. Bond funds are another asset class for mutual funds offered by Vanguard. Some funds for taxable short term bonds have seen slight declines but this class still performs well and has a 10 year annualized return from 3.72% to 4.14%. In contrast taxable intermediate term bond funds from this fund family offers returns from 5.51% to 7.14% for the same 10 year period.

The Vanguard mutual funds performance for inflation indexed securities has a 1 year average annualized return of 12.02%. Taxable long term bond funds from Vanguard have a 1 year average annualized return that ranges from 17.57% up to 23.29%, and these funds are performing well. Funds for short term tax exempt bonds have much lower returns for the same 1 year period at 1.61% to 3.62%. This asset class is one of the low yield choices on the Vanguard mutual funds list but the risks involved are also lower. The tax exempt intermediate term bond funds saw a higher return, with the 1 year returns for these funds from 10.35% to 11.30%.

Tax exempt long term bond funds saw better Vanguard mutual funds performance than these funds with a short or intermediate term goal. The long term tax exempt options from Vanguard offer 11.01% to 14.46% as an average annual return. Balanced funds for all mutual fund companies are a popular choice for investors. Vanguard classifies these funds are balanced, life cycle, and managed payout classes. As of April 2012 all three of these classes were on the rise. The 1 year average return for balanced funds is from 5.98% to 10.67%, for life cycle funds this range is 2.95% to 9.32%, and managed payout funds average from 3.17% to 4.38%. General domestic stock funds from Vanguard have seen a performance that offers 1 year returns of 3.02% to 12.60%.

Consistent Vanguard mutual funds performance is one reason why this fund family is a top choice with investors. There are asset classes to cover any investment goals and acceptable risk levels. Aggressive domestic stock funds have higher risks but offer higher yields as well. This asset class has performed well with some funds and not so well with others. The aggressive nature of the investments will exceed many investors acceptable risk levels despite good performance in the past. The international and global stock funds offered by Vanguard, including mid cap mutual funds that hold these investments, have seen large losses in many cases. Some funds that are sector specific have also lost money, and these sectors include the energy and precious metals sectors.