Vanguard Healthcare Fund – Should I Invest In It?

Vanguard Healthcare Fund

Is the Vanguard healthcare fund a good investment, or one that should be avoided by most investors? Since every investor has a different strategy, different goals, and various investment objectives this fund will not be ideal for every single investor, but it can be a good choice for many. The fund is offered by one of the most trusted and well respected mutual fund companies possible, which makes it a very popular option. The Vanguard healthcare fund includes a portfolio of stocks chosen for their value orientation, and these are stocks of companies that are large and successful in the health care sector.

For some investors the Vanguard funds performance seen in the past is enough of a reason to trust funds from this company now. Fund assets that total more than 20 billion dollars also show that this fund is one to be considered, and this fund is considered the largest fund of this type found anywhere. For some investors the Vanguard healthcare fund may seem to move slowly, because of the sheer fund size, but this does not detract from the advantages and benefits that the fund may offer as well. For some individuals this is one of the socially responsible mutual funds, because the fund holdings consist of companies that are involved in the development, production, or distribution of supplies and services in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare mutual funds are one of the top choices for investors because this sector has seen tremendous growth, and this growth is expected to continue. A four star Morningstar rating shows the quality of the Vanguard healthcare fund, and the year to date return is currently a little more than 9%. The past performance, range of holdings, and company offering the fund, all these factors come together to make this one of the top choices for a variety of investors. There are a number of reasons why this fund makes the top Vanguard mutual funds list, but it is not right for every investor. It is important to examine the fund together with the strategies and risk levels that are used, and this will show whether you should invest in this fund or another one instead.