Van Kampen Mutual Funds Review – Top 10 Picks!

Van Kampen Mutual Funds

1. Invesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now C5, Symbol VIRCX- One of the top Van Kampen mutual funds, this choice features a yield of 2.69% and a year to date return of 5 %. Morningstar has given this fund five stars, and it is a top investor pick.

2. Invesco Van Kampen High Yld Municipal A, Symbol ACTHX- Many mutual fund investors rate this fund as one of the top choices, and Morningstar gives it a four star rating. The fund has close to five billion dollars in assets, and offers a nice return to date and yield both.

3. Invesco Van Kampen Exchange, Symbol ACEHX- A yield of 1.11% seems small, but many investors choose this fund because of the holdings and the past performance. There is no load fee or 12b1 fee charged by the fund, so expenses are kept down.

4. Van Kampen CA Insured Tax-Free I, Symbol VCIIX- This is one of the top Van Kampen mutual funds, and the expense ration for this fund choice is 0.65%. No load fee is charged, and the fund return and yield are positive.

5. Invesco Van Kampen American Value Y, Symbol MSAIX- This is one of the best rated mutual funds offered by Van Kampen, and experts and investors both rate this fund highly.

6. Van Kampen Core Equity A, Symbol VCEAX- This fund is one of the best large cap mutual funds according to a number of investors. An expense ratio of 1.20% and the fact that this fund follows the S&P 500 index make it an attractive option for some investors.

7. Invesco Van Kampen Comstock Fund, Symbol ACSDX- This is considered one of the top picks for Van Kampen mutual funds for several reasons. The fund has assets worth more than 8 billion, and no load fees.

8. Invesco Van Kampen Asset Allc Growth A, Symbol VKAAX- This is one of the low initial investment mutual funds, and the initial deposit can be as low as $1,000.

9. Van Kampen Asset Allocation Moderate I, Symbol VAMIX- The expense ratio for this fund is only 0.95%, making it one of the least expensive of the Van Kampen mutual funds.

10. Van Kampen 2040 Retirement Strategy C, Symbol VRGCX- This is a retirement fund offered by one of the most trusted mutual fund companies found. Morningstar rates this fund with four stars, and the year to date return is quite high.