Top 10 Gold Mutual Funds To Buy

Gold Mutual Funds

1. GAMCO Gold A, Symbol GLDAX – This fund is rated as one of the top gold mutual funds to buy for most investors. The fund has more than 600 million in assets, and offers a yield and year to date return which are both over 3%.

2. Vanguard Precious Metals And Mining Fund, Symbol VGPMX- This Vanguard gold fund features a 4.3% yield, and assets valued at over 5 billion dollars.

3. Invesco Gold & Precious Metals A, Symbol IGDAX- This fund offers a four star Morningstar rating, but there is a front load fee charged. Some investors rate this option very highly, while others avoid it.

4. American Century Global Gold Inv, Symbol BGEIX- This is one of the top gold mutual funds to buy for a number of reasons. A yield of 5.77% and an asset base worth more than one billion dollars are just a few of these reasons.

5. Wells Fargo Advantage Precious Metals B, Symbol EKWBX- This is one of the best rated mutual funds for gold according to many experts. Morningstar rates the fund as four stars, and the yield and year to date return are both decent by any standards.

6. Fidelity Select Gold, Symbol FSAGX- This fund is not one of the silver mutual funds, because gold is the main focus of the fund. It is considered one of the best because of the fund family, the year to date return, and historical performance.

7. First Eagle Gold I, Symbol FEGIX- First Eagle offers one of the gold mutual funds that is highly regarded by investors, and named as one of the top ten funds for this metal.

8. Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals B, Symbol OGMBX- Oppenheimer offers a top choice for precious metals mutual funds, and this is a fund company trusted in the investment world. Recent performance has been up and down, but this is true of almost all funds in this sector.

9. Tocqueville Gold, Symbol TGLDX- Four stars, a YTD return of 4.14%, and no load fees make this one of the best gold mutual funds for most investors.

10. USAA Precious Metals and Minerals, Symbol USAGX- USAA is one of the top mutual fund companies for investors who want to get in on the gold market. A rating of four stars shows the quality of this fund.