Top 10 Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

1. Vanguard Emerging Market Stock Index (VEIEX) – This fund is one of the few emerging markets mutual funds which has more than sixty billion in assets and no load fees, making it an excellent choice for some investors. A minimum investment of three thousand dollars is required.

2. Eaton Vance Parametric TX-MGD EM MKTS I (EITFX)- This fund is one of the top no load mutual funds that invests in emerging markets and offers diversified holdings. Assets for the fund are valued at over two and a half billion dollars, and it has a five star rating.

3. DFA Emerging Markets Value Portfolio (DFEPX) – DFA is one of the emerging markets mutual funds which has seen a good performance overall, and an excellent recovery over the last two years.

4. Wasatch Emerging Markets Small Cap (WAEMX) – This is one of the best performing mutual funds for investors in emerging markets. More than nine hundred million in assets and an initial investment of only one thousand dollars make this is a good choice for many investors.

5. Delaware Pooled Emerging Markets (DPEMX) – No load fees and a yield of almost three percent make this one of the top emerging markets mutual funds for most investors. This fund also has a five star rating.

6. USAA Emerging Markets (USEMX) – Investors looking for aggressive growth mutual funds in emerging markets may benefit from the USAA Emerging Markets Fund.

7. Laudus Mondrian Emerging Markets Select (LEMSX) – This fund has been rated five stars, the best rating a fund can receive. It has more than one hundred and eighty million in assets, and a current yield of more than one point nine percent.

8. Lazard Emerging Markets Equity (LZOEX) – This is one of the emerging markets mutual funds which holds almost half the portfolio in the financial and construction materials sector. Both of these sectors can be very profitable for investors in markets which are starting to emerge and develop.

9. American Funds New World Fund A (NEWFX) – As one of the top low initial investment mutual funds, American Funds New World Fund A has a lot to offer. This fund may include a load fee though, and that makes it unacceptable to some investors. An initial investment of only two hundred and fifty dollars is required.

10. Oppenheimer Developing Markets (ODMAX) – This fund is one of the emerging markets mutual funds that specializes in large growth holdings. There is a load fee involved, and while many investors name this as a top ten others avoid it because of the load fee.

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