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Stretch IRA Rules

Stretch IRA

What are the stretch IRA rules that you should know about? This type of retirement plan is considered one of the best IRA accounts for many because of the benefits offered. This type of account can be handed down from

Keogh Retirement Plan Rules vs Other Retirement Plans

Keogh Retirement Plan

The rules with a Keogh retirement plan may offer more advantages when compared with other types of retirement plans. Early retirement planning should include evaluating the different types of retirement accounts available, and then deciding which plan type works best

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan and Taxes Review

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

What is a supplemental executive retirement plan, and what are the tax consequences for this type of plan? This is one of the available account types that can be used for retirement planning purposes, and there are both benefits and

5 Best Retirement Plans For Small Business Owners

Retirement Plans For Small Business

1. Traditional IRA- One of the top retirement plans for small business owners is a traditional IRA. This type of plan can be arranged for each employee, and there are a number of features that can be included. This is

5 Best Retirement Plans For Self Employed Individuals

Retirement Plans For Self Employed

1. Simplified Employee Pensions- These retirement plans for self employed individuals are simple to utilize, and are also referred to as a SEP plan or SEP IRA. This plan can also be ideal with retirement plans for small business owners

Top 10 Early Retirement Planning Insights

Early Retirement Planning

1. Start Young- One of the secrets of early retirement planning is compounded interest, and to gain this advantage you must start saving for your retirement at a very young age if possible. 2. Be Realistic- Whether you decide on