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AAA Corporate Bonds List

Corporate Bonds List

The AAA corporate bonds list is much shorter today than it was even 15-20 years ago. Now there are currently only four bonds from US companies in this category that have the highest possible rating, and the credit rating of

Top 10 Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds

Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds

1. Austin Tex CTFS Oblig- One of the best tax exempt municipal bonds is offered by the municipality of Austin, Texas. This muni is rated AAA by Fitch, and the current yield is 4.739%. 2. Massachusetts Bay Transn Auth Rev

David Lerner Associates Bonds – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

David Lerner Associates Bonds

Are David Lerner Associates bonds a good choice for investors or a big mistake? In close to two decades this investment company has sold a significant amount of bonds, and these cover many types. Investors can find zero coupon municipal