Penny Stocks Online Trading Pros and Cons

Penny Stocks Online

Trading penny stocks online can be a beginning to trading in the stock market. Penny stocks generally trade between one dollar and five dollars a share and most companies who are listed in penny stock newsletters and online records generally have not been in business very long. They do not have a track record and their penny stocks are probably very risky.

A very nice feature with penny stocks is the low price. You can possibly make a great deal of money on penny stocks since they have nowhere to go but up. Even if you lost on a penny stock, you probably still have a portion of your investment. You can also purchase a great deal of shares at one time without putting out a high investment. For example, if you spend $1000 on a penny stock at $5 per share you would have 200 shares.

Penny stocks can give you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company that might just take off and make you a great deal of money. There are no guarantees, but it is possible. You can watch the rise and fall of your cheap penny stocks online and make adjustments as necessary.

Sign up for an account with an online brokerage and familiarize yourself with their conditions. Sign up for newsletters from stock trading houses to get the best quotes and buys online. When considering trading penny stocks online, tie your checking account to your brokerage account. As a note, you may want to get a separate account for these trades. Research penny stocks online and subscribe to MicroCap and Penny Stock Blog. Pros to trading online also include the ability to verify tips. Research charts of potential purchases and learn trends.

Trading online also gives you the opportunity to quickly find those stocks that are trending and to make sure your investment will give returns. For example biotech penny stocks involve companies that are research driven and very few biotech stocks are profitable. Watch out for scams that try to get you to invest in any type of stock offering with these companies since they are high in risk, debt, and low in happy shareholders.


Although trading, purchasing and analyzing penny stocks online is streamlined and somewhat easy, penny stocks themselves present a problem. There is the chance of striking it rich, but you can also lose everything. You never know if a company is going to fold or increase in value. All the online charts, expert testimony and trends cannot combat business disfavor or downturns.

The potential of profits with penny stock trading online is low. You could end up tying up your money in penny stocks with a small return. You need to have an enormous number of shares to make penny stocks profitable. Think of your penny stocks in this way, there may also be a reason why a company’s stock is trading for “pennies.” The management may be poor, the cash flow minimal and the company is just looking for a fax influx of cash. These are warning symbols.

Trading penny stocks online is ultimately your decision. Penny stocks to watch online do include energy company penny stocks, research and development in technologies, and there are some retail penny stock offerings that have provided high returns. Do not invest more than you can lose, and do remember most success companies started out in the penny stock market.

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