Oppenheimer Mutual Funds Performance Review

Oppenheimer Mutual Funds

Oppenheimer mutual funds are known and trusted by many investors, and the company offers numerous different types of mutual funds to meet almost every investment need or goal. This includes aggressive growth mutual funds, conservative retirement funds, and everything in between. Oppenheimer Discovery A Fund, symbol OPOCX, has seen a current year performance which shows an increase of fourteen point eight percent, which is not bad at all. Another of the top Oppenheimer mutual funds is the Oppenheimer Equity Income A fund, symbol OAEIX. This fund has a year to date return of more than five percent, which is better than many other funds are doing right now.

Many Invesco mutual funds can not meet the performance of the best picks from the Oppenheimer fund family. The Oppenheimer Small & Mid Cap Growth A fund, symbol OEGAX, offers almost twelve and a half percent for the year to date return, which is something many investors only dream of. Oppenheimer mutual funds also includes the Global Allocation A fund, symbol QVGIX, which has seen a return of slightly less than three percent in the current year. Not one of the top performers, this fund may still be ideal for some though. This is not one of the foreign bond funds, and investors should research any fund choice carefully before making any investment.

Oppenheimer is one of the most well known names in investing today, and is one of the top mutual fund companies found anywhere in the world. Oppenheimer mutual funds stand for quality and integrity, and many of the funds managed by the company have seen superior performance over the last year. While they may not be ideal for everyone, these funds can be a good choice for most investors, as long as you are willing to take the time and effort to research each possibility as much as possible first.