Hot Penny Stocks – What Is Hot On Microcap Stock Market?

Hot Penny Stocks

Hot penny stocks are all over the Internet, and for many investors these stocks may be an excellent choice. Penny stocks are also frequently called microcap stocks, and right now there are several which have perked the interest of investors. One of these is Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc., symbol ARNA. This stock is currently trading at $2.14 per share and it has a solid history and good past performance. To some investors buying penny stocks means paying less than $1 per share but these stocks can have a price that ranges up to $5 per share, and the information available on Arena shows why many investors believe that the company is an undervalued penny stock even with the current share price.

Another of the hot penny stocks right now is Rentech Inc., symbol RTK. This stock has a current price of $2.12 and the company is in the energy sector. This stock has gained interest in part because the company has developed a process for turning coal into liquid fuel that can be used for transportation. This breakthrough has caused Rentech to be called one of the best penny stocks to buy for most investors. The Verenium Corp., symbol VRNM, is another stock that qualifies as a penny choice but just barely. $4.57 is the current market price and biomolecular development is what this company specializes in. A breakthrough or product innovation could cause this stock price to skyrocket, and it has been relatively stable recently. This is a good pick for many investors who are willing to take a few risks.

One of the most popular hot penny stocks is American Petro-Hunter Inc., symbol AAPH. This company is in the energy development and acquisition business, and it also acts as a holding company. This is not one of the fly by night gold penny stocks designed to take advantage of the high precious metal prices right now, but the price is very low at $0.25 and investors predict that this stock could really take off. While American Petro-Hunter may not be right for everyone this stock has found a loyal following with some investors. There is always the risk that the company could o under but many market experts do not believe that this will happen.

Li-ion Motors Corp., symbol LIMO, is one of the current hot penny stocks, and while this could change quickly right now investors believe that the stock is a good choice. The price per share is only $0.14 and this is a very popular choice with day traders as well as investors looking for stocks to buy and hold for a longer term. Not all hot penny stock picks will work out and some of these investment choices could cause you to lose money. Careful research and stock evaluations can help you avoid costly mistakes when dealing with penny stocks. Some hot stock lists are full of treasures while others may be part of a pump and dump scam or other scheme to part you from your hard earned investment capital.

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