Corporate Bond Market: Best Performers of The Last Decade

Corporate Bond Market

Who are the best performers in the corporate bond market over the last decade? There are many of these bonds on the market but not all of them perform well or offer high yields. Each investor will have specific criteria that is used to determine the best corporate bonds for their circumstances and situation, but one factor that is always evaluated is past performance. Calpine Corp., symbol CPN, has several corporate bonds which are considered top performers. The coupon rate for these bonds is between 7.25% and 9.625%, and the maturity dates range from 2014 to 2023. The NASD-Bloomberg Active High-Yield U.S. corporate bond index lists Calpine Corp. as a leader in corporate bonds and one that is traded very actively.

Xerox Capital Trust I is another top performer in the corporate bond market. In 2009, this bond offered a 9.938% yield and today the yield stands at around 8%. While the bond has seen a decline in yield this is true of most bonds in this sector. Investing in corporate bonds will carry some risks but when you choose top performers these risks are managed better. Motorola Inc is another company offering at least one corporate bond that has seen good performance in the last 10 years. This bond has seen some performance benefits from talks of acquisitions in recent years and it has a high yield that is not offset by excessive risks for most investors.

AGL Resources, Inc. is a top performing bond in the corporate bond market for more than one reason. This company is in the utilities sector and is currently offering a yield of 8.17%. The maturity date of the bond is 2037 and it is rated BBB+. Goldman Sachs Group has one of the top performing short term corporate bonds, with a current yield of 3.625%. Loews Companies Inc., ticker symbol LOW, offers several bonds that meet all f the criteria for top performers over the decade. The bond which matures in 2037 from Lowes offers 6.65%, and the company offers a bond which matures in 2022 and another in 2023 which both offer 8%. Morningstar gives this company an A credit rating.

The corporate bond market offers many possibilities for your investment capital. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, symbol GT, offers several high yield bonds with a strong performance. One bond has a maturity date of 2015 and offers a yield of 9%, which is high enough to make any high yield corporate bonds list. Another bond from this company with an 8.75% interest rate has a maturity date of 2020. Caesars Entertainment Corp. is another company that has had some of the top performing bonds in the last decade. Some of the bonds offered by this company offer a coupon rate of up to 12.750%. Other bonds offered by Caesars Entertainment Corp. have performed well but only offer yields from 2.750% up to 11.250%. There are many other bonds out there offered by companies that can be considered top performers as well.