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Top 10 Government Bond Yields By Country

Government Bond Yields

1. Greece- One of the top government bond yields by country belongs to Greece, and the yield offered is 23.53. This is a significant increase over the last few weeks, caused by the economic troubles this country is facing. 2.

iShares Barclays TIPS Bond Fund Review

Barclays TIPS Bond Fund

Barclays TIPS bond fund is offered by the iShares fund family, and this fund invests mainly in inflation protection bonds offered by the US Government. The fund has assets worth almost twenty two billion dollars, and has a yield of

Treasury Bills Rates – How Are They Determined?

Treasury Bills

Treasury bills, commonly called T-bills, are securities which mature less than one year from the date issued, but how are the rates for these bills determined? Unlike coupon bonds and other bond types which pay interest until maturity, T-bills do

Canadian Government Bonds Review

Canadian Government Bonds

Canadian government bonds come in a wide range and number of different types. To be eligible to purchase bonds offered by the Canadian government you must be a citizen of Canada, unlike United States savings bonds which do not have

Swiss Government Bonds ETF Review

Swiss Government Bonds

Swiss government bonds can be an excellent choice for many investors, and electronically traded funds can help you invest in a wide variety of these bonds with a single investment amount. Purchasing many individual bonds can require a lot of

Australian Government Bonds Review

Australian Government Bonds

Why should American investors choose Australian government bonds? For a number of reasons, including a higher return than what can be found with United States savings bonds in most cases and international investment exposure in your portfolio. Both bonds have

German Government Bonds Review

German Government Bonds

German government bonds are one of the many types of government bonds available to investors. These bonds can give you international exposure, and be very beneficial in making your portfolio more diverse. Just like United States savings bonds, the bonds

Government Bonds Interest Rate – How Is It Determined?

Government Bonds Interest Rate

How is the government bonds interest rate determined? This depends on the bond rate type used. The interest rates used for US government bond securities come in two varieties, fixed rate interest or inflation rate interest. Twice a year, in

Benefits of Investing in Government Bonds

Investing in Government Bonds

Investing in government bonds can be an excellent choice if you want a safer and more stable option than the volatile stock market. While the return may be less with United States savings bonds than if you choose a stock