Best Vanguard Mutual Funds – My Secret Top 10 List!

Vanguard Mutual Funds

1. Vanguard GNMA Fund Investor Shares, symbol VFIIX- This is one of the Vanguard mutual funds that has a top rating of 5 stars. The expense ratio for the fund is just 0.21% and the fund has performed well over the last decade. The minimum investment amount needed for the fund is $3,000, and the yield offered is 3.15%.

2. Vanguard LifeStrategy Income Fund, symbol VASIX- ThisVanguard mutual funds performance has been stable over the last few years. The fund has a conservative allocation and a yield of 2.46%. The asset value for the fund is $2.6 billion and the expense ratio is 0.13%.

3. Vanguard International Growth Adm Fund, symbol VWILX- This fund has a high initial investment amount of $50,000 but it is a great investment choice if the budget allows. The fund is a foreign large blend fund that does carry higher risks but the yields offered are also higher as well. The fund is not ideal for all investors because of the risks involved.

4. Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Adm Fund, symbol VBTLX- Vanguard mutual funds are known as top quality investments and this fund proves it. The 1 year return is 8.03% and the fund charges an expense ratio of just 0.10%. This fund is managed by Gregory Davis.

5. Vanguard STAR Fund, symbol VGSTX- The STAR fund from Vanguard is ideal for investing in mutual funds. This fund has a low minimum investment requirement of $1,000, making it available to almost every investor. The turnover rate of 24% and the expense ratio of 0.34% make this fund a top 10 for most experts.

6. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Adm Fund, symbol VTSAX- More than $190 billion in assets make this fund one of the larger investment choices, and a low expense ratio of 0.05% keeps the costs very affordable.

7. Vanguard Selected Value Inv Fund, symbol VASVX- This is one of the Vanguard mutual funds that is rated four stars by Morningstar, and it is affordable for most investors with a $3,000 initial investment requirement. The fund yield is 1.60% and the turnover rate is low at 25%.

8. Vanguard Precious Metals And Mining Inv, symbol VGPMX- This is a Vanguard gold fund that invests in precious metals. The fund performance has been exceptional and Matthew Vaight has managed the fund since 2007. The 10 year annualized return for this fund is 14.54%.

9. Vanguard Social Index Inv Fund, symbol VFTSX- This is one of the Vanguard mutual funds that is categorized as a large growth fund. The fund has assets valued at over $583 million and a low minimum investment of $3,000. The expense ratio is 0.29% and the yield is 1.06%.

10. Vanguard Health Care Inv. Fund, symbol VGHCX- This Vanguard healthcare fund is a winner for many investors. The fund is rated as 4 stars, and the fund turnover is extremely low at only 8%. The expense ratio charged to investors is 0.35% and the yield offered is 1.54%.