Best Penny Stock Picks

Best Penny Stock Picks

The best penny stock picks may be different for each investor but there are many of these stocks to choose from that are popular for many reasons. One of these is Joe’s Jeans Inc., symbol JOEZ, and this stock is very promising. It has a current price of $1.30, so it will not fit for investors who prefer sub penny stock picks and will not consider stocks over $1, but the value of this company is expected to continue rising. The company is involved in apparel design and manufacturing and recent developments have made it look undervalued currently. Joe’s Jeans Inc. has entered into an agreement with Macy’s to offer an exclusive line of apparel for sale in the Macy’s stores.

Another one of the best penny stock picks according to many experts and investors is Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc., symbol LQMT. This stock costs less than $1 and has seen some terrific performance in the past. Liquidmetal has made the lists of daily penny stock picks a number of times and the stock has seen high trading volume for good liquidity. Another penny stock that is very attractive to investors is MannKind Corp., trading symbol MNKD. This stock is traded on the NASDAQ exchange and has a current price of $2.13 per share. The company is in the biotechnology sector and it has a good past performance, making it a great choice for most investors. MannKind has a number of promising products in the pipeline, including one that is waiting for approval from the FDA.

RTG Ventures Inc., symbol RTGV, is another of the best penny stock picks. This company is a start up so it does not have a significant history available to review. This makes it somewhat risky and may cause some investors to shy away, but if the company business plan is successful than the potential returns could be exceptional. A number of penny stock tips pick RTG Ventures as the next best start up company on the block. Another investor favorite is Samson Oil & Gas, symbol SSN. This is a small company in the energy sector and it has oil properties in a number of areas. This stock is currently priced at under $2 but many analysts expect this to change.

One of the best penny stock picks for some investors is Opko Health, Inc., symbol OPK, but this choice is not for everyone. The company specializes in medical equipment and medical appliances, and it has a lot of potential according to a number of experts. The current price of $4.92 makes it one that will probably not be called a penny stock much longer, but for now Opko is one of the hot penny stock picks on many lists. MediaG3, Inc., symbol MDGC, is another penny stock that has caught many investor’s interest. Recent performance for the stock has been good but there is very limited information available about this telecommunication company in the communications sector. This makes it riskier than other stocks with plenty of historical data for review.

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